Automatically Pause YouTube Videos when Switching to another tab

YouTube is one of my favorite websites as it comes handy at many different situations. It can be helpful if you wish to learn something, to see what’s happening around the world, to pass some time and do other things. I also use it to listen to new and old songs while working on other things side by side.

While listening to some music when working on some other stuff in the background is perfectly fine as you are interested in the sound but not the video, but what if you are watching some trailer or some tutorial? You will be required to pause the video before you switch to another tab as now you are interested in more of the video than the sound.


This involves manually pausing the video each time you visit a new tab, but here is a Firefox Add-on called as Youtube Smart Pause that will take care of this for you. What this extension does is, it automatically pauses the video at the instant you switch to another tab in the same browser. Although pausing the video manually is not a big task, but this add-on might prove helpful to many users. Moreover if you wish to get the default playback back (say while listening to songs to not to stop the playback) then just disable the add-on from the right click menu on the youtube page.


YouTube Smart Pause automatically pauses currently playing videos on YouTube once you leave the page and resumes playback as soon as you return. You can also set the pause delay in case you wish to pause the video after certain seconds and not instantly. An interesting point to note here is that if you are working on another browser, then it won’t pause the video as the add-on works when the video being watched is in the same browser window as you are working.

It is a great extension that might prove helpful when you are watching some movie clip, or game trailer and do not wish to miss out on even a single second when working on a new tab in the same browser in the back end.

Download YouTube Smart Pause

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