Automatically Resize and Optimize Images while Uploading Online

Photos are the best way to express something that is being talked about as it does so with ease and helps the reader in gaining the insight. We all like to share and upload our photos online and via email, don’t we? But it can be a problem as the images clicked from a good camera are large in size and due to the sharing and uploading restrictions we can’t just send an image like that. We thus, need to optimize an image before uploading it.

Optimizing an image is not at all difficult, with some default photo editors like Picture Manager, anyone can do it easily but what if you wish to have different profile of optimizing for every different website? Say you wish to resize an image under 100 KB for email but around 1MB for flickr? You will do that manually right?


Here is a free application called Robosizer that can do this work for you and that too automatically. All you have to do is just install this tool in your system, and run and set it up for the first time. It will keep monitoring your photo uploading activities and will automatically resize the image whenever you are about to upload any image automatically in the background as per the profile set by you.


You can also see the different profiles while uploading and choose if you want a different one too. If you click on the system tray icon, then you will also see the resizing options that you have set for different online services.

The best thing I liked about this tool is that it runs in the background and whenever you are uploading any image it automatically detects it, resizes it, notifies you about the resizing and optimizes the image for your uploading. The tool works great with most of the browsers and applications and is supported on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, 7 and 8.

Download Robosizer

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