Automatically Run a Program when CPU is Idle with IdleRun

So if you want to make full use of your system and have many things to do even when your computer is idle, then there is a tool right for you. There are times when are system goes into idle mode as we are not doing anything on it, so here is a tool that can help you utilize even the wait time of the computer.

It is a small app called IdleRun developed by Donationcoder team which can either run a program selected by you to run at system idle time or show a message on the screen. You can configure the options in the tool according to your needs to run a program of your choice or display an informative or a prank message on the screen.

The app is very simple to use, small in size and requires no installation. Just double click on the app, configure the settings in the tray bar and run whatever you wanted to run when there is not much activity happening in the system.

Download IdleRun

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