Automatically Scan and Cleanup your Facebook Profile with SimpleWash

So many times we post or comment, whatever we like on Facebook. It might feel undesirable to your next day or may be after some time. There are things that you posted when you were in school or college but might not make sense now, or there might be photos posted on your timeline which you don’t want anyone to see now. What shall you do in that case, remove them manually?

Scanning your profile manually will take you whole lot of time and I am sure you wont be able to do that very well. Wouldn’t it be great if there is some tool or an app that can do that for you automatically? Well here is one, called as SimpleWash (earlier known as FaceWash).


So that means SimpleWash can scan your profile completely for you and by this I not only mean the stuffs that you have uploaded or commented but also many other things. This app scans the following items for you:

• Comments posted on your wall by others
• Comments on photos in which you are tagged in
• Photos that you have uploaded
• Links you have liked
• Photos you have liked
• Wall updates you have posted
• Pages you have liked

(from google images)

How does it scan?
While it is not clear of the app works but as per the developer it scans your profile for ‘dirty’ terms which includes many words like sex, drugs, curses and others. This app mostly works in English language and thus scans in it too. If you uses Facebook in some other language too, then you can add your words too for which it will scan your profile.
Thus depending upon your facebook activity, the app can take time from seconds to minutes.

If you are serious about cleaning up your profile then do give this app a try. However you will need to provide this app permission to access your profile and data. To try the app, visit the link below.

Visit SimpleWash

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