AutoPostit2: Electronic Postit Sticker Reminder Utility for Windows

I see many people in my office using the Postit stickers for reminding themselves about the work that they need to do and so that they don’t forget. While it is very useful but posting so many stickers on the wall can clutter the wall and it also doesn’t look good. Moreover there is no way to ensure that you will actually be reminded at the correct time for the work and will not forget it.

So if you are a computer guy and usually spends more time on the computer then instead of cluttering your space out there and wasting so much of paper, here is guaranteed way of getting reminded using this free utility called as AutoPostit2. It looks exactly similar to the Postit that you use to stick around but with added functionality.


Features of AutoPostit2:

• Easy to use, just click on the program icon and start writing the note.

• Set the alert for reminder, you can easily set the alert for the reminder and it will directly pop up on the top of your screen to remind you that you have something important to do.

• Change Size and color of the Postit, you can easily drag the Postit to change the size of the Postit and can also change its color to suit your mood.


• You can also set recurring events like Birthdays and other important dates using the in built quarterly calendar and the recurrences feature. All the recurring events will be shown in the calendar and alerted on the set date and time.


• Close the Postit with just a simple F12 button press.

If you have been using the Postit for your work desk am sure you will like this utility too as it gives you lot of ease of use and added features.

You can download it from the link below.

Download AutoPostit2

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