Backup Games Save Files with SaveGameBackup

For each game having an option of saving the game while playing, there are some save files that are created. These files and folders contain the game save files which are nothing but your game saves. In case you are thinking to change to a new drive or format your system then this post will help you backup these easily.

To backup and preserve your game saves you need not backup manually. With the help of this tool called SaveGameBackup, you can easily backup your games save files and restore them after installing a new copy of it. SaveGameBackup is your savegame solution. Quickly and easily backup your games’ save files for easy storage and fast recovery.


Quickly backup your save games and settings. Supports 548 games and 10 applications!

Built-in ignore list for games you do not want to back up (the checkboxes). Your preferences are saved between sessions.

Use it with Windows’ Task Scheduler for complete automation.

Easy backup restoration.

Easy to use interface.

The tool is free to use, coded in Visual Basic and is small in size. The freeware currently works on Windows both 32 and 64 bit.

Download SaveGameBackup

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