Backup your Facebook Account Data, Photos and Videos

Not many of us know that it is possible to back up our Facebook data, status messages, photos, videos etc to our local desktop. The option is available to all the users by default for free and requires no additional installation.

The option is most useful if you wish to backup all your data like wall posts, status updates, photos etc before deleting your account. What you need to do is just follow the steps as below to back up your complete account.


1. After logging into your FB account, visit the following page Account -> Account Settings.
2. Under the Settings tab, click on button “Download Your Information”.
3. Click on Learn More option.

You will be redirected to the download screen where you will be notified of the download process with a message screen. After clicking the Download button, you will be able to save all your data to your local computer.

The process will take some time in generating the zip archive, but after the file ready you would be able to download the file. You may be required to enter your password to verify genuineness.

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