Backup your Facebook Photos, Updates or Timeline

Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter, Google + are the most accessed websites today where most of the people spend their time online. Thus we have something about these sites only that might interest you.

At the first instant, you would ask me why shall you backup or save all your Facebook content when it is already present on your profile. This question is right but to some extent as you are never sure of the policy updates of these social sites, it may happen someday that you wish to view some old photos of yours but due to policy updates, those are now not unavailable.

A simple solution to this is an app called SocialSafe. This app may prove lifesaver in case your data has been deleted from your profile or you are unable to access it. Here are the features of SocialSafe that would really interest you.


Quick date jump: After you have backed up your profile, you can jump to any date to view your updates or other things in just few simple clicks. Now imagine doing the same with Facebook 🙂

Everything Together: All your photos, comments, likes and updates come together so that you don’t have to go anywhere when viewing them again.

Easy Export: Export your profile to csv and other formats; this will really help you in case you need some friend’s contact details like phone number, pin code etc.

Rich Search: Find or search anything you updated with SocialSafe easily.

Backups: Save your backups on your hard drive easily.

The tool may sound useful to you but it is its integration with other social sites like twitter that will really be helpful to us. We liked this app however the free version of it, only supports Facebook and that too in a limited manner.

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