Batch Extract Rar Compressed Archives

If you have been dealing mostly with the compressed archive files and need to extract a compressed rar file every now and then then here is some tool that will help you out. There may be many batch rar extractors available but most of them are not portable.

With the help of this tool called Unrar Extract and Recover, you can easily extract files out of the compressed rar archive and that also in batch. The tool handles password protected, multi-part and encrypted archives with ease. Since the tool requires no installation, it doesn’t pollute the system registry.

The tool is very simple to use, portable, require no installation however in some versions you may need to copy the whole installed directory for it to run anywhere. The tool has got several options to make the batch extraction easy.

To handle the password function, you need to edit the password_file.txt file that is located at C:\Program Files\Unrar Extract and Recover 4.0\bin folder. Provide the password on the new line, save the document and restart the tool for it to recognize.

Download Unrar Extract and Recover

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