Batch Install or Update Software with Ninite batch installer

One thing that I hate the most after doing a full system format is the re-installation of the software that were installed earlier or the ones that I need to be installed. Double clicking the exe files again and again is bit irritating and takes some time.

Thus, the best way would be some software doing the same process for us, isn’t it? The software that automatically installs different software on its own is called a batch installer. This was also asked by one of our readers as he was also irritated of manually installing every software and clicking next button again and again.

One of the best batch installer I came across is the Ninite. It is the easiest and fastest way to install or update any software in the system on its own. Moreover, Ninite always downloads and installs the latest version of the tool in your system thereby making your machine run on the latest versions available.


• Fully automates installation process.

• Does not install toolbars and other add-ons.

• Installs latest version.

• No signup or account needed.

• Installs 32 bit or 64 bit versions depending on your system automatically.

The only limitation to this tool is that, you will have to select the apps to be installed on your system from the website and get installer accordingly, you can’t queue the software to be installed yourself. So if this is not an issue with you, select the software to be installed and get the installer.

Rest it will do for you while showing the status of different processes going in the background.

Download Ninite batch installer

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  1. Thanks for your quick response brother. How can one trust such softwares which are not listed with famous legit sites like CNET, BROTHERSOFT OR SOFTPEDIA?

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