Beware of Paypal Account has been Limited Email

Paypal is one of the world’s easiest and loved ways of transferring money as it is very simple and free to use. Being a Paypal user you also require being little extra cautious to keep this account of you safe from phishing and scams.

Well I am also a Paypal user and receive some notifications from Paypal in my email inbox which are usually for updating us with the activities and changes that happened. But suddenly I started receiving some fake emails (not actually Paypal but from hackers) which seemed exactly similar to the ones I receive from Paypal.

These emails are nothing but another way of fooling users called Phishing. One of the emails that I received (screen above) which looked exactly similar to Paypal was sent from Support Paypal while if you observe here carefully you will note that actual sender’s address used by Paypal is different.

The subject of the email was “Your account has been limited” and contained a link to activate the account. Users who feel that this is the genuine email, clicks on this link and get redirected to some another similar looking site as that of Paypal where you enter your genuine Paypal credentials. This is how your account will get hacked.

Paypal would never send you any such email and in case you want to check whether or not your account has been limited, then log in to Paypal directly and never click on any link that takes you to Paypal.

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