Bing It On: Bing vs. Google Search Off

For all those who likes spending time on internet like me, here is something that would really interest. There is no day when I don’t search Google for some query whether it is general or my website related. But what if i ask you, who you would consider better, Bing or Google? For most people the answer would be Google, but let’s read this post and decide.

Since I have been using Google for quite some time now it’s more like habit and being adapted to the search results that it gives, but do Google really provides the relevant searches? I came across this initiative from Microsoft (released recently) called as Bing It On, which aims at providing the relevant searches from both these search engines for the same query. It is more like a face-off and has nothing about the search time but the relevance.

You need to provide 5 search terms in “Bing It On” for it to decide and I started as usual with the “”. I searched both with general and specific terms, the results were displayed in side by side windows without any brand names and ads asking you to select which one showed you the better results. Considering relevancy in mind, I selected the sides and found that for me it was a Draw that means it wasn’t Google that won (which i had thought of earlier).

According to some research, over the time people had adapted to Google way of seeing the results but if you try to keep the brand names aside and see only the relevancy of the search results, it may not be Google for you always.

According to Bing, People Chose Bing Web Search Results Over Google Nearly 2:1 in Blind Comparison Tests. At first I thought this might not be true, but you should take this test for you to decide.

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