Free Giveaway: Binverse Usenet tool to search files over Internet

Ever wished to download files, search texts or download photos amongst the users worldwide? If yes, then Binverse Usenet tool is what you need. Binverse provides an all-in-one Usenet solution offering blazing fast Usenet access, easy-to-use free newsreader software, and a powerful built in search engine.

With Binverse you’ll be able to easily search and download files and messages from Usenet. With this Binverse client you can search for files across all 100,000 Usenet newsgroups or just the newsgroups of your choice, search for the specific type of file you’re looking for (video, audio, photos, etc).


•    Download applications, documents, presentations, or any other type of file posted to Usenet`.
•    Binverse Usenet software automatically decompress the compressed files.
•    You can download the stuffs as fast as your connections allow.
•    With more than 800 Terabytes of user uploads available, you can find almost anything you are looking for.
•    Every Binverse account comes with 256-bit SSL server connections. This is the same level of security provided by your bank online.
•    Binverse comes with a built-in search engine which makes finding what you’re looking for on Usenet easy.
•    Preview Audio, Video & Image files before you download, so you can make sure you get the right file the first time

What you all need to do is just download the Binverse client, login as the registered user and access any file that you are looking for.

So, here at TechSalsa, I am offering you 2 free accounts of Binverse Usenet tool that comes with 50GB of high speed download which do not expire. Each account worth $25.

Note: Download the client from link at the bottom. After logging in you will see an login failure message, just ignore that as you will be already logged in.

So if you are impressed with the tool and wanted to get the free license then here is how to:

1.    Just subscribe to our free computer tips and tricks by entering your email address in this link. Don’t forget to confirm your subscription by clicking the link in the email received.
Note: it is free too.

2.    Join us on Facebook.

3.    Drop a comment below with your name.

Make sure that you type in the correct email ID of you else you won’t be able to receive the license via email.

If you have done the first 2 steps already, you will be counted in automatically. The winner will be selected on a random basis within a week’s time and will be notified by email.

Download Binverse (for Windows)
Download Binverse (for Mac)

The winners have been randomly selected as Fabba and Vince, congrats guys, your keys will be emailed to you!

9 Replies to “Free Giveaway: Binverse Usenet tool to search files over Internet”

  1. Binverse has all the features I like about : build-in-search, large database, secure, blazing fast speed, even file preview before download.

    Already “like” on facebook but have no idea how to put the link here. Hope you count me in.

    I must truly thank TechSalsa for this giveaway of Binverse accounts with no expiration date. I have always wanted to try out Binverse and I hope I got this opportunity from TechSalsa.

    Thank you very much.

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