Blacklist URLs from Appearing in Google Search Results

There are lots of websites that we don’t want to visit or see in the search results page but wouldn’t it be great if we could block those websites so that they do not appear any more in the search query?

If you are a Google Chrome user then there is an extension for you using which you could block any URL from appearing in the Google search result. The extension is called Google Blacklist and this extension is used to block or mark unwanted Google results.

What you need to do is just add the specific website to the blacklist maintained by this extension and it shall not appear again in the result page. But in case you want the site to appear again then there is just remove the URL from the list. You could also make the result appear translucent in place of removing it.

The extension is currently only for the Chrome users but in future versions you may see the ability of highlighting personal favorite websites.

Download Google Blacklist

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