Block Advertisements in any Browser with Adfender

Usually every webpage that you come across today is filled with advertisements, while some people like watching ads as they are updated with the latest products available, others don’t like them. If you are a person who belong to the latter category then you would surely like to block advertisements that you see on every webpage.

Blocking an advertisement require an adblocker to be installed in your system. If you are using famous browsers like Chrome or Firefox then you can go for adblocker plugins like Adblock Plus, but the limitation here is that these plugins are not available for every browser. Moreover loading a browser with plug-ins slows it down, something I would not recommend for every plug-in.

You could have used Ad Muncher which can block ads in any browser had it be free, but since it is a shareware, not much people can use it. I have come across an alternative called Adfender, which is not a plug-in, hence can block advertisements on any web browser you use. This tool is similar to Ad Muncher, the only difference being it is completely free.

After you have installed Adfender in your system, it will sit down in the taskbar of your system and start blocking all sorts of ads you see online. Any request from a webpage to show the advertisement that goes through it, will be blocked by it, thus allowing only the data to pass through.

Adfender is so powerful that even the ads that you see on your messengers like Live or Yahoo messengers, will be blocked by it. So whether it is the web browser, messengers or bit torrent clients, Adfender will block all the ads that you see.

Adfender is completely free, light to use and is compatible with all versions of Windows. I would recommend Adfender if you wish to avoid installing plug-in and use a powerful adblocker compatible with every browser you use.

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