Block almost all Annoying Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders in Chrome

Weren’t popups enough annoying in themselves that we have popunders popping as well? If you are reading this I am guessing you might have faced this situation with yourself as well. First for clarity, lets see what are popups and popunders and what is the difference between?

Popups and Popunders are both ad types the sole difference being while popups pops over the current active window you are working upon, whereas the popunders are the ad window that opens under the current window you are working upon. While Popups feel more annoying, popunders feel less annoying but they are still an extra window that you haven’t opened.

So if you are someone who doesn’t like any type of popups or popunders opening, then there is a Chrome extension called as Poper Blocker that blocks almost all of the pop up and under ads. Why am I saying the word almost? That’s because I have been using this extension myself for long time and have seen it blocking the ads most times, except a few misses.

Poper Blocker works well, and even notifies you when it blocks an ad so that you know if it is working or not. The other thing I like about this extension is that you can use it along with your regular Ad Blocker as well. So if you have an Adblocker installed along with this poper blocker, trust me you will feel more confident in clicking anywhere on any website without worrying about any ad being opening.

Poper Blocker also disabled Overlay ads that are the link ads that spans over a frame and opens up a window when clicked anywhere. Configuring the extension and whitelisting website is also smooth.

Want to give it a try? Follow the link below.

Download Poper Blocker

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