Block Browser Annoyances in Chrome with Do Not Disturb

We all love to surf internet but not with several annoyances that we see every day on most websites. Annoyances like pop-ups, pop-unders, and screen overlays like the one asking you to subscribe, or others like video ads etc. While some websites display these with purpose, others don’t but ultimately it affects and degrades the user experience.

In short, no one likes this kind of annoyances but there is nothing much you could do without using any third party tool. Well, if you are using Chrome as your browser, then you can skip these things with the help of some browser extensions. There might be several extensions for this purpose, but here is one called as Do Not Disturb!


Do Not Disturb! is a Chrome browser extension that is available from the Google Chrome Webstore. The extension provides blocking for various types of activity that most users would find annoying, intrusive, or generally disruptive. In addition, it blocks items that users don’t see running in the background and cause extra browser overhead due to data mining or user tracking.

While this extension works on most of the things but it might not sometime. Here is a list of items that it protects you from:

• Content Overlay
• URL Hijack
• Content Widget (is a type of widget ad mostly powered by third party websites, often disliked by users)
• Consumer Surveys
• General Annoyances
• Pop ups and Pop Unders

When this extension protects you from these annoyances, it will give you the count of the annoyances blocked by it on the top of the browser, clicking which you can actually see what all things were blocked. The extension also works in incognito mode; however it would be disabled by default and needs enabling.

For detailed information on this extension and to install, visit the link below.

Visit Do Not Disturb! for Chrome

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