Block Facebook Annoyances and Ads with AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is one of the famous ad blocking software that has been found to block ads from most websites and also from Youtube. Although ads are important to people for two reasons, support the expenses and hard work of the site owner and also lets people know about the latest product in the market, but sometimes it feels very irritated to see ads almost everywhere. If the ad is keeping you waiting from viewing something like that on Youtube, then it feels really irritating.

Facebook is also not spared from ads, as this famous social portal has also started showing ads in their timelines and the sidebars. Since more and more people are using Facebook every day, it has become a good place to show ads. Well here is a way to block these annoyances from Facebook now.


With the help of the recently launched plugins from ABP, you have choice of blocking either Facebook news feed ads, sidebar ads, or both of them together. These annoyances can be anything like Page recommendations, Show recommendations, Game requests or upcoming events and most shared app etc.

These, surely, doesn’t look great while you are busy checking the news feed and the activities of your buddies. But now, using the ABP plugins (as mentioned in the link at the end), you can block either all the annoyances, only the news feed or only the sidebar annoyance.

All you need to do is just install the ABP tool (if you not have it already), and visit the plugins page as mentioned below and add the appropriate plugin to your ABP tool. That’s it, ABP will now start blocking the Facebook annoyances from your timeline.

Download ABP Facebook Annoyances block plugins

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