Block Images from being Displayed in Firefox

Does this happen to you that sometimes you find the images in Webpages are not worth viewing or since your internet connection is not that fast, your web page too long to load because of the images? Blocking those images and other elements like flash content on those WebPages is the best option one can have in these cases.

You must be thinking that how is it possible as you are neither the owners nor the editors of that website, then how can you do so? Yes, somehow it is possible in Firefox without using any add-on for this purpose. Firefox has a feature that can block those annoying images and can make those WebPages load faster.

You can also do so by managing the “hosts” files of your computer but we found the following method easier than that. If you want to block images from a specific host in Firefox, follow these steps:

• Right-click on any of the images of the webpage and select View Image Info from the context menu.

• Now you will see a Page Info window listing all media on the page.

• You will see that the info of that image which you have selected will be highlighted. You can block that image using Block images from option on the page.

Browse through the media listings and check if the images do not get loaded from another hosting site. Once it is done, close the window and reload the page. The page will load properly without displaying images. If you want to access a site’s content without having the images to load, you can use this feature method.

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