Block Mouse Click Popups in Firefox

Popups are one of the other irritating advertisements on the web and I am sure it is not only me who don’t like them. Most web browsers by default come with the Popup Blockers but they seem to block only the popups that generate automatically when a web page loads and not on certain type of event trigger. Browsers also notify the users on top, whenever there is some popup blocked from opening.

Most of have seen the browsers blocking the automatic popups that generate when a page is loading but not the popups that generates when we click somewhere on the page. So that means if you are required to even click somewhere on the background, a popup generates.

This is the most common type of popup seen by me today, and if you are a Firefox user you can make the Firefox block these mouse click popups. Before proceeding further just make sure that the option for Popups blocking is enabled in the Content tab of the Firefox settings. If it is, then follow the steps below to block other type of popups.

You might not be knowing that there are some type of mouse events which are not blocked by the popup blocker like change, click, dblclick, mouseup, reset, submit and touchend.


• So block any one or all of these events just type about:config in the Firefox URL and confirm it to enter the setup.
• Now paste the following text in the Search box dom.popup_allowed_events.
• Double click the entry and remove any of the value(s) that you wish to block the popup for. Say if you want to disable the mouse click event, then remove the click value from the entry and click OK.


The change takes place instantly and you should see the difference. It is interesting to note here that it might not work sometimes depending upon the type of popup a website has.

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