Block or Disable USB with PenyuUSB

These days almost every school or office has locked USB ports to disable the USB mass storage devices in order to protect from the spreading viruses.

The prime reason for the virus spread are the USB drives, so if you also want to protect your system from this virus spread or document theft then locking your USB is a good way to do that. PenyuUSB is a tool that can enable or disable the USB mass storage to avoid such activities.

It doesn’t mean that the USB will be blocked for everyone, the only exception being the people having the password required to access. This software can also be used to prevent data from being stolen using pen-drive.

The tool is free and simple to use. It can be downloaded easily from the link below.

Download PenyuUSB

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  1. I could not download the application 404 not found is the error reported….
    I need this application please suggest me how to get it

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