Block Programs accessing Internet with Firewall App Blocker

One of the great features that Windows have is the Firewall which helps us in not only blocking the functionalities of the programs but also prevent them from connecting to the internet. This helps us in many ways as preventing a program from connecting to internet helps in saving internet data, helps in securing the system, preventing the program to download some unwanted stuffs and other things.

Any user can make use of the default Windows Firewall and block any program but the process of doing this is not that easy. It involves some complex steps like visiting the Control panel, opening up System Security and adding the program as an exception. Although you may find this process simple but it can’t get simpler than just dragging and dropping the tool to enable all the restrictions.

Yes with the help of this tool called Firewall App Blocker, you just need to do this only. Just download the app from the link below, run it to open the interface and drag drop the program to add to the block list. The tool contains only two main buttons, Add and Delete which works in a simple manner. You can also browse for the executable file of the program and click the Add button to add it to the block list. Clicking the Delete button will remove it from the list.

The program not only improves the Windows Firewall functionality but also enables you to block any program accessing internet at the backend. The program is free and simple to use and since it do not require any installation it can be run directly from the USB drive portably.

Firewall App Blocker is tested to work on Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bits, however on Vista and Windows 8 it has not been tested to work.

Download Firewall App Blocker

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