Block Sports and TV Spoilers from Appearing in your Social Feeds with Spoiler Shield

If you are a sports lover or enjoy watching TV shows then I know how it feels if you already come across the spoilers before you are actually able to watch it for your own. Social medias are a place where are friends out of excitement posts the results and the plots of the shows but this comes very bad to those who have actually missed the show this time. If you are someone who would like to watch the game or the TV show on your own before someone tells you then what should you do, stop checking Facebook or Twitter?

Well the solution is in a form of this free app called as Spoiler Shield (however it is only available for the iOS at present and Android version is releasing soon). All you have to do to stay protected from your friends’ spoiler is to block the specific terms to block the spoilers using this app.


How to use Spoiler Shield:

1. Install the app in your phone or other iOS device.

2. You will come across three categories Television, NFL and MLB.


3. Now you need to visit all the categories manually and toggle the buttons to enable the shows and team to block the spoiler alerts. The app contains around 30 famous TV shows at present and all of the NFL and MLB sports teams. So just choose your term and enable the shield.

4. Now when you use the Facebook or Twitter (remember you have to use the social media from this app only and need to integrate them first) you will see that whenever the Shield icon appears it is protecting some of the update catching the blocked keyword (more likely to be a spoiler).

5. If you still wish to view the update behind the shield, just double tab the S icon and the update will be revealed behind.

I think it is a great way to check your social media without worrying about the spoilers and still keeping the excitement alive. Do plan to watch the video above if you like the app.

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