Block Websites on Network with Website Blocking Software

If you are one of the network administrators looking for simple ways to block the websites to restrict the user access on network, then here are some simple tools for you. If you just wanted to block websites on the single system then you could use the hosts file changes method but if you are looking to block websites on several systems on network then you should a tool.

1.    Website Blocker

Website Blocker fails in its quest to block objectionable sites. At the onset, you’ll need to provide an e-mail address and set up password protection before using the program. Website Blocker’s small, straightforward interface is very easy to use. Just add the URLs of your choice and select whether you want to block a specific page or unblock it.

2.    Block Web Site Buddy

Block Web Site Buddy is freeware utility to block content from unwanted web sites. Stop downloading advertising banners and prohibit undesirable web site browsing to keep your privacy and reduce internet traffic. Block Web Site Buddy backups configuration data so you can roll back all changes at any time

3.    BrowseControl

BrowseControl enables employers to enforce their companies Internet Usage Policy, by blocking and restricting your staff’s access to certain websites. It will give you full control over which websites your staff are able to surf at their workstations. It is a shareware but if you really liked it, then the tool should be appropriate for you to buy.

Let us know if you know other good tools as well by dropping a comment below.

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