Block Websites to Stay Focused while Working (Chrome)

There are so many websites that we visit regularly. Google, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter are some of the websites that you visit the most. Sometimes we just get involved in these websites that we even forget our other important tasks that may harm our job and profession.

I have seen people that they frequently switch from their work to social networking websites in order to check their notifications, messages, emails etc. How about if you get a reminder which will let you know that it is already 10 minutes that you are using Facebook you should now do your work 😀

So for this you can install I-Am-Studying-Blocker, a chrome extension in your system. When you will install this application, an icon will appear on Chrome’s toolbar. Whenever you will click on it, you can enable any of these two modes-“Studying” or “Work mode. This extension by default blocks Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube sites (not Twitter though), you can add sites you want to block to its options.

You can also remove a site from blocked sites list from Options. Once you turn on this application, it will start collecting your usage data and will let you know at the end about your browsing session in the form of a pie chart. With this chart you will get to know how much time you spent in a day on these websites.

However, if somehow you visit a website that is present in the default list, the extension allows you to snooze it for 10 minutes using “Snooze’ button which will appear with the extension message. This extension will not only help you focus on your work but it will allow you to manage your work and social networks also.

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