Blocked Contact in GTalk?

So you have blocked a contact in GTalk and didn’t know how to unblock it. Yes, it may sound strange but let’s face it, unblocking a contact in GTalk is not that easy if you are using Gmail to access GTalk.I could tell you that with my experience:

Someday i was busy with my work and inspite of showing a red icon i was pinged by a friend of mine. I asked him not to disturb that time, but he left me with no other option but to Block him. Could you believe, the Gmail had removed the contact from my friends list and left me guessing what to do then.

The problem can be fixed in two ways:

  1. If you are using GTalk application directly, then you can just click on settings on top right and see the list of Blocked contacts in the “Blocked” menu on left sidebar and then easily unblock the contact.
  2. But if you are using GTalk from Gmail account, then first type his/her name in “Search field” then when the contact is listed click on “Send offline Chat”. The chat window will open up, then click on options to find an option saying “unblock” the person.

So what i have learned through this is i’ll rather get invisible than Block him. Let me know what you feel about this.

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