Bookmark any File and Open it Instantly

Whenever we want to open our previously closed files and folders we are only dependent on Recent Places folder in Windows as we don’t have that extra ordinary memory that we can remember all the files and folders we opened last. So in that case you can use a File Bookmark application.

This application is a freeware shell extension that is introduced to create a concept of bookmarking files in a folder so that you can reopen them whenever you want. This concept is exactly similar to the one we use in our browsers to bookmark pages.

Now you would be eager to know that how this extension works. Actually when you will add it to your system, this shell extension will create an option in the right click context menu clicking on which will allow you to open your previously opened recent files. So you just have to right click on any file or folder and select this option to open the recently closed file or folder.

To bookmark a file, you have to right click on the file and choose the open file and set as bookmark, now File Bookmark creates a bookmark file of size zero KB with extension FILEBM in the same folder with forward arrow icon. In the similar way you can bookmark any file easily.

After this whenever you want to open the bookmarked file right click on the folder from where you want to open the file. Right click on it and choose the option open bookmarked file to automatically open last bookmarked file. Anyhow if you are not satisfied with the extension, you can right-click on any folder, from File Bookmark sub menu open Options click Uninstall tab followed by Uninstall button.

Download File Bookmark

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