Boot Windows from Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive

We all know how to boot from Bootable CDs but we don’t usually know that we can make our Pen Drives also known as USB Flash Drives and Thumb Drives to boot. Well the Floppies are history now and the new technologies being developed day by day urged me to figure out “How to Boot from Pen Drive”.

To Boot from USB Drives we need first need to make it Bootable, this is how we can do it:

You need to download a small application called MakeBootable (do it from here) that easily makes the drive bootable. It is very easy and comes with the procedure guide.

Things you need to consider before Booting from Pen Drive:

1.    The PC should support booting from USB Device (check this in the BIOS menu).

2.    The USB Drive must also support booting.

So Boot from USB Drives and let the CDs become history.

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  1. hi! mam
    thanks for giving link
    i have downloaded the makebootable.exe but my system is not supporting it.
    is there another way to get into the administrator account from the limited user?
    please help me!

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