Bought my first DSLR

Don’t know if you people have known by some of the articles about photography and the techniques to edit photos, that I have written till now, Photography happens to be my first love today 🙂

Thus thought of sharing it with all my friends I have through this blog, I just bought my first SLR cam yesterday which happens to be the Canon Rebel T1i also known as 500D (with some lenses that can fit my budget as of now). And this is because of it, I am taking a day off from the tech stuffs that I usually share everyday (would be busy understanding the manuals and the more options this cam have lol).

Won’t you be interested to have a look at my work, I am sure you will be. For the obvious reason of sharing my stuff with you all, I would soon be starting a photo blog of my own which would comprise only of the pics that I click, the beautiful locations, creatures and the serene beauty of the world around you.

I am sure nobody hates to see the beautiful captures, do you? Won’t you be interested to see how I click? Drop a comment below and let me know.

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  1. I think its great that you are getting into photography that is a hobby of mine as well. I would love to see photos that you have taken with your new Rebel. The best way for photographers to get better is through feedback and sharing.

  2. Suggest, you think twice before uploading your new photos to other websites
    There are a lot of people out there who just want to criticize your work
    This can leave you with a lot of unpleasant feelings such as whether you have chosen the right camera, the right lens, the right subject or the right settings

    Anyone can find faults, I sometimes wonder if they ever take any photos themselves, as they seem to spend most of their time worrying about others

    If your happy with the results, then don’t listen to all the others, just be happy.

  3. @William
    Thanks for the suggestion, actually i made my photo gallery to have others view and provide their constructive feedback but i agree with you as well.
    And for the people who like teasing others, i dont feel concerned. So doesnt matter to me. 🙂

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