Browse Internet together with your Friends using

There are situations when you want to browse internet and websites together with your friends or family for instance, consider a situation when you want to book a trip ticket but want your friend’s view too who is sitting in some other country, or even a situation when you want to navigate through a website and show to your family member who don’t know how to do. In all these situations, you need an internet sharing tool using which you all can browse the internet together whatever be your location.

Here is a free web service called as which lets you work together on the internet and that too without installing anything on your computer. This service is free to use and can be used by anyone.


Here is how works:

• To start internet sharing, just visit this service and enter the URL to browse in this website.
• After you are done, click the button Start a new Session.
• A new session will be initiated and you will be provided a session number which you need to provide to your friend so that he can also join you.
• Your friend needs to visit and enter the session number there and click the Join button to join you for the online internet sharing.
• Now you both can start working on the same internet session and whenever anyone of you click a link, or make any changes, you will be notified with a pop up informing the action.
• You can also make use of the online sticky notes or chat box to chat and inform other of anything that you need to highlight on the page.

Although there are more services like this available today, but why I like is for the reason that it doesn’t need any installations and is pretty simple to use. Just visit the webpage and you are good to start.


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