Bulk Convert Excel Sheets into xls, xlsx, pdf, csv and xps formats

We have shared many file conversion tools and online utilities for the file conversion earlier, today here is something that would interests you if you work mostly on the MS Excel spreadsheets. There are occasions when you come across old format excel sheets in .xls format. You may find it easy to convert it if there are not many of those, but am sure you would not like it if the sheets are in bulk.

Here is a simple tool called Simple MS Excel Document Converter that can easily convert the excel sheets for you into mostly used common formats like Xlsx, CSV, XPS and PDF. The program is very easy and free to use too, so it would be your first choice to convert an excel sheet.



The tool, however, requires following items to be able to convert:
• First of all, your computer should have MS Excel 2007 or later installed.
• If you have excel 2010 or later, then you can select the output format as PDF or XPS else you can only select the output format as xls, xlsx or csv.

Be aware that, converting an excel 2010 doc into reduced functionality document like excel 2007 xls format, would remove the features that are present only in the 2010 version.


Converting the sheets from one format is very easy and requires no geeky knowledge. You just need to select three options, Input file which can be either xls or xlsx, Output folder to save the converted file and the Output file format.

When you have selected all the three options in the tool, you just need to click the Start Convert button to initiate the conversion process. The files can be converted in bulk and the status would be presented in the table below. Any entry with red color will depict the error in conversion.

You can download the program from the link below and try it for you.

Download Simple MS Excel Document Converter

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