Burn Disc Successful but Disc is Not Reading

It must have happened to you one or the other day that you have burnt a disc CD or DVD but it is showing blank and not reading in many drives.

Well if this is the case then here is what to do to avoid this in future.


1. The first and the prime thing to note is that always try to burn the disc at lower speeds than maximum speed available. The reason for this is that though many disc writers support high speed burning but there are many that faces problem when trying to read the discs burnt with that speed.

2. Well this is possible in case you are using software to burn discs like Nero or Roxio but if you burn discs using Windows default tool then here is how to change speed.

3. Right click on the CD drive and go to Properties-> Recording tab. Now change the speed as shown below (speed around 8-10X is considered good).

Discs burnt with lower speeds face less errors as compared to those burnt with higher speeds.

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