ButlerSMS: Create an Auto Response SMS System for Missed Text Messages

Usually it happens with all of us that sometimes we are unable to respond to a text message. This happens may be because we are at work or we are driving or some similar case in which we are unable to keep our hands on our mobile phones.

This often results in misunderstanding. The other person might think that you are avoiding his/her text messages (I know bit weird, but can happen). Thus if you have an android phone then you can move out from such dangerous situations. I am using the word dangerous because if the text message that you missed was from your wife or some loved one, then it could be really very dangerous. Lol.

So coming back to the point, you can use ButlerSMS as a solution for this problem. This app allows you to set an automatic response message, and this message will be sent as a reply to an important message you receive. An exciting feature of this app is its “Personalized responses” option.

You can either add a particular number or a group or can even add all contacts. So whenever a text message appears from the person that has been added in the list, the app will send the default message in reply. Anytime you can also change the default message. However you may not be able to send group sms from this app.

ButlerSMS has three profiles to choose namely Normal, Movie and Drive mode that you can activate easily from the app’s main window. You can set different messages for each profile also. You can also use other features like text to speech, voice reply, reply timer (when multiple SMS are received from same sender, it will not auto-reply immediately).

Though this app is currently a paid up app in Google Play store but you can also get it for free from XDA-Developers forum. It requires android 2.2 or above to install.

Download from Google play store

Download at XDA-Developers forum

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