Call other iOS Users for Free using Facebook Messenger

Facebook is very popular as a social site among every one today and to strive for the next level it is constantly changing and upgrading its features. Till now people can see the updates of their friends and like their photos and all but their mobile app for the iOS users got a new feature recently.

All the Apple devices users now can call each other for free using the Facebook’s new Call feature within the Messenger app. That means if you are running a device on wither a WiFi or the Data plan, you don’t need to exhaust your minutes. Just make sure that you have enough Data as your plan so that you are not charged for any overages.

With the new Facebook app version 5.5, users can call their buddies in US or Canada for free using the Facebook Messenger app in their iPhones or iPads. To be able to use this call feature, you just need to install this latest facebook messenger app in your iOS device, and have a good speed data plan so that the voice doesn’t breaks.


If you run this app, then to call other user you just need to select his/her name and click the “i” button on the top right which shows the profile information. Here you will find the Call button as shown, clicking on which will call the other person using the internet on your phone.

Common sense suggest that one should have his/her mobile number added to his facebook profile so that someone can call him/her and if there is no number added, then this button would be disabled. The app looks like more of Viber but the advantage over it is that one don’t need to setup an account on Viber and is accessible if he have his phone number added on the Facebook profile.

Please note that this function is currently available for iOS users only.

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