Can Amazon Kindle the Public’s Flame for Books?

There is no doubt that the world is in love with tablets. Instead of conducting mobile searches on tiny phones or hauling around a bulky laptop to watch streaming video, people can carry an easy to use touchscreen with them wherever they go. Amazon is set to release their new tablet which will bring its Kindle reader into the tablet generation. It will be powered by the same technology that powers the 4G Android Phone that competes with Apple iOS in the tablet and smartphone market. With Amazon’s dominance in the eBook market, can they transfer their success to tablets?

With nearly 75 percent of overall sales, the iPad is the dominant force in the tablet market. The release of the iPad introduced the world to a new style of Internet browsing. The tablet has become so popular that there has been a flood of clones developed by major phone and computer companies. Everyone from Samsung to Motorola has tried to capture a share of the public’s love affair for tablets; some with better results than others.

Will Amazon’s foray into the tablet game be a flop or will they be able to capitalize on their existing brand? Because of the book association around the Amazon Kindle brand, new tablet shoppers and literary enthusiasts will flock towards Amazon’s new release. While iTunes is associated with buying music, Amazon is still synonymous with buying books.
Amazon’s existing digital and e-commerce presence will allow them to jump right into the tablet wars when their device is released. The Kindle tablet will feature all of the ease of Amazon’s website, directly on the tablet. Users will also be able to download other forms of media such as music, movies, and games directly from

The new Kindle tablet can also play into the public’s need for new technology in the education system. Schools and libraries across the country are looking for new methods to get people interested in reading. According to PC world, Amazon plans to customize their Android platform and make it unique to the Kindle. They could easily take advantage of the public’s need for educational technology and cater directly towards educators.

With the over-saturation of tablets available on the market, Amazon’s new Kindle needs to remind people why they chose the original e-reader in the first place. A $250 price tag won’t hurt sales either.

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