Capture Screenshots Automatically and at Time Intervals

Being a blogger and tech support guy, I know how important it is to take screenshots of some or the other application on your computer. Screenshots are the best way to help someone understand some process efficiently and in a fast manner even from a distance. However there is an option to create a video tutorial but not everyone would like to do it since it is not as easy as taking screenshot is.

Windows by default have some tools and utilities to capture the screenshots like the Snipping tool or the Print Screen button but their functionality is quite limited as they can’t be used if you wish to take screenshots automatically. If you happen to be someone who needs to capture the screenshot at some definite and after specific time intervals automatically then here is what you were looking for.

With the help of this automatic screen capture tool called AutoScreenCap, you can not only capture screenshots but can also set the time interval (in seconds) after which the tool will take the shot for you. You just need to download and run this tool, set the output folder and quality level and click the Start Capture button to get going.

You can choose the JPEG save quality at around 75% which will save the best shot without taking much size. The tool is free and simple to use and even works from USB pen drive too since it doesn’t require any installation. AutoScreenCap gets minimized to tray and you can right click on it to access other options too.

All in all, it is a great tool to capture screenshots periodically at specified time intervals automatically.

Download AutoScreenCap

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