Use Android Ice Cream Sandwich On iPad 1 And 2

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Android and most of the tech freaks are eager to use it. The company provided an upgrade to all Android devices. And if you have jail broken device you can use this upgrade on your iPad 1 and 2. But mind it; if your iPad is not jail broken, this article is not worth reading.

You will also be requiring a PC to download this upgrade. Before you start upgrading your i-device you are advised to take the tiny precaution of saving the SHSH blob on your machine. In case any problem occurs you will be able to restore all our settings back on your device. Continue reading “Use Android Ice Cream Sandwich On iPad 1 And 2”

Create Collage on your Android Device

We all know that photographs are the only medium which keeps our feelings and emotions alive. The photographs remind us and help to recollect our past memories. If the photographs are arranged as a collage it is even more attractive.

So for all android users, here is an app which helps you to arrange your photographs as a collage. This app is known as KD Collage. It has plenty of attractive and elegant collage templates. By using this app you can create beautiful collage. It offers you amazing designs/patterns/frames each with a unique style and a specific number of photos that it can support. Continue reading “Create Collage on your Android Device”

Create GIF Images from your Videos on your Android

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format which supports 8 bits per pixel, supports animations and allows a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame. GIF is designed to allow users to define new blocks. You can convert a video in such a manner that your videos which are in MBs will convert into KBs. Wondering the relation between GIF images and movies? Read on.

If you share movies from your mobile it will use up all your bandwidth. If you have an Android phone, instead of sharing the whole movie, sharing it by converting it into GIFs is a much better option. A GIF file can be easily sent by phone in seconds and will not use much of your data bandwidth. In an Android phone you can convert a video/movie in animated GIFs by using app called GIFDroid. Continue reading “Create GIF Images from your Videos on your Android”

Delete old Facebook Updates off your Wall

Facebook has introduced new system of timeline which shows your previous activities and people can access older content present on your profile page. It was very difficult to search the content by clicking on ‘older posts’ tab again and again. This timeline feature helps you to access all your activities arranged in a chronological order.

Sometime it happens that we post something that we don’t wish to be seen today by others but with the timeline feature people can easily see our old content, so the issue now is to delete that old content. Continue reading “Delete old Facebook Updates off your Wall”

Run Android Apps on your Desktop with BlueStacks App player

If you have an Android phone and if you are also love playing your apps on your phone, then this post will definitely interest you. However in case you don’t have an Android phone but love playing those games then you don’t want to miss this either.

App market is a one big place where we can find all our favorite applications which can be either games or some utilities. We also like to install new and new apps on our phone, don’t we? But have you ever wanted to run these apps on your computer? Continue reading “Run Android Apps on your Desktop with BlueStacks App player”