Clean up Whatsapp to Delete Media and Free up Space

Cleaning up your hard disks or even the apps is always a good idea as they free up space and helps the system to respond faster. Whatsapp is no different. The app is so famous and easy to use that people often find it simple to share images, audio and video through this, which in turn consumes space on your phone memory or the SD card memory to be able to store that media.

When I feel the space is running low, I tend to clean up the media myself by going into the save location but for all those who don’t like to do this manually, there are apps. One such useful app is called WCleaner for Whatsapp, which is really simple to use too. Continue reading “Clean up Whatsapp to Delete Media and Free up Space”

Whistle to Find your misplaced Android Phone

If you are just like my roommate who keeps on forgetting phone here and there, and then spends time to find out where it is, then this is some useful article for you. Phones these days are so small (well, large ones are catching too fast) that we tend to misplace them every now and then, and then spend time on finding them. How about something that lets phone to tell on its own, where is it?

Sounds funny, isn’t it? But with the help of this useful app which is available only for Android, called as Whistle Phone Finder, you can actually just whistle to locate your misplaced phone. Yes, of course, you need to learn how to whistle at first place lol Continue reading “Whistle to Find your misplaced Android Phone”

Download YouTube Videos on your Android Phone easily

With our cell phones so much handy and powerful these days, people have started using phone more than laptops or computers and this is the reason why we have so many apps developing these days. Similarly, if you happen to like some video on YouTube and wish to download it in your phone, what would you do?

Well, the primitive method is to log on to computer, download the video and convert it into the phone compatible format and then transfer it to the phone or may be just use a real helpful app called as SnapPea. We have also written about this app earlier, as on the Windows, it can be used to manage your android phone too (link here). Continue reading “Download YouTube Videos on your Android Phone easily”

Super AppLock lets you Password Protect any App on your Android

Privacy is one thing that we all should consider these days. We should avoid posting our own photos online and if we need to do that, then we should not make them visible to the world. Our phone also has lots of data today and thus we should protect that from the spying eyes.

Although there are lot many apps that you can use for this purpose, I bumped into one app which I liked a lot when compared to others. This app is called Super AppLock and is available for free to the Android users in the Play store. Continue reading “Super AppLock lets you Password Protect any App on your Android”

WiFi Map Pro lets you find Closest WiFi Hotspots with their Passwords

Who doesn’t love Free Wifi and that too if you are on a tour? To be connected to internet and to our close family, friends we need to have some sort of internet connection in our phone. It can be either your cellphone data or the Wifi.

While connecting to an open Wifi might not be safe as you can’t know who is collecting what data or not, connecting from cellphone data incur charges. But there are lots of open Wifi hotspots too these days like a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant and if you trust them there is nothing wrong in using the WiFi. Continue reading “WiFi Map Pro lets you find Closest WiFi Hotspots with their Passwords”

Google Now Card to tell where you Parked your Car

Google is constantly undergoing improvements and changes. A small change which was done this last Thursday, proved to be a major improvement for almost all of us. Forgetting your car parking location is a common and small thing with most of us and can actually happen to even to the best of the guys.

Imagine you coming out of a party and to spoil your mood you don’t remember where you parked your car. Well if you have an Android phone with GPS capabilities, you might be lucky to find the car soon. Continue reading “Google Now Card to tell where you Parked your Car”

Set Custom Sound or Internet Radio as Alarm in your Android Device

We all love when we have lot many options to customize any app we have in our phone or tablets. The apps that we have in our phones by default are not really customizable and thus there is nothing exciting about them. One such app is the default Alarm clock app in our phone. It is a basic app with not much features, however, enough to wake us every day.

If you use your Android Alarm daily then you know that it possible to set custom sounds as alarm if they are present as music file in our phone. So we just need to select that sound and apply as an alarm sound. But if you are someone who wakes up using the mobile alarm every day then try out this app called as AlarmDroid. Continue reading “Set Custom Sound or Internet Radio as Alarm in your Android Device”

Find out if your Android Device is Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug

If you have been very active with the tech news these days then you must already know about the recent and high impact bug called as Heartbleed. The bug was detected this Monday by found by researchers from Codenomicon and Google, and since then it has been in news every day. It severely compromises the integrity of secure communications and there isn’t a whole lot consumers of the Internet can do to protect themselves.

What is Heartbleed bug?


Heartbleed is a software flaw in the OpenSSL “Heartbeats” function that helps keep secure connections alive. This function was found to be vulnerable to manipulation in a way that allows an attacker to steal up to 64K of data at a time from the active memory of affected systems. Continue reading “Find out if your Android Device is Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug”

Turn your WiFi On or Off Automatically with Wi-Fi Matic Android App

Our smartphones are so smart that we don’t even need a computer to perform our daily tasks and when combined with the support of WiFi, it can do lot many activities. While using WiFi on the phone is very easy and simple, the only thing is that it consumes lot of battery when connected to the WiFi.

Therefore, it becomes very important for the users to enable or disable the WiFi on the smartphones. While we can do this manually, there are occasions when we forget to turn it On or Off. Say you are leaving your home and forget to turn the wifi off, then your phone will consume the phone battery unnecessarily trying to scan the networks. Continue reading “Turn your WiFi On or Off Automatically with Wi-Fi Matic Android App”

Mute Mic Lets you Mute Microphone on your Android Device

These days our smartphones are very powerful and feature packed that it has got lot many features. The phone is not just a phone, rather it’s a device using which we can also capture moments as photos or videos, record sounds, use webcam and other things. While our phones have got a toggle switch to turn off the sound it has nothing of that sort related to the microphone on the phone.

One would say, why would someone need to turn off the mic on the phone other than the calls for which we have already got that functionality in the phone dialer. Well, there are times when you would like to disable the phone mic so that no sound gets recorded like say you are recording some video using the camera and don’t want to record any sound, you have not got anything to mute the mic in that case. Continue reading “Mute Mic Lets you Mute Microphone on your Android Device”

Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep

I don’t know how many of you are like this but I do like to listen to music every night before going to sleep. Sometime its either on my laptop and other times its on my phone. Listening to my favorite songs before going to sleep help me lighten up the mood and also helps in sound sleep but we need to take care of shutting the app or the laptop down before going to sleep.

If you are someone who also likes to listen to music on your phone then here is something that might come useful to you. This app is called as Super Simple Sleep Timer and as you can make out from the name of the app, it’s a simple music sleep timer app that helps in turning down the music app on your phone after the set time (just like there used to be a timer off button on our TV sets). Continue reading “Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep”

Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze

Who doesn’t like new and more features and that too in a single app? Well these days, we have lots of apps available however each is made to serve a single sole purpose. If we take the example of Skype, it is mostly used to video and voice calls over internet and on the other hand if we take example of WhatsApp, it is mostly used for communicating with our friends over texts.

What if you need to browse web at the same time? You will have to go to a web browser app and launch it to access the features. Similarly although WhatsApp is very popular but it still can’t be used for voice or video calling. Here is an app based on similar lines of WhatsApp but incorporates more functionality like that of Skype, a web browser and news feeds. Continue reading “Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze”