Mute Mic Lets you Mute Microphone on your Android Device

These days our smartphones are very powerful and feature packed that it has got lot many features. The phone is not just a phone, rather it’s a device using which we can also capture moments as photos or videos, record sounds, use webcam and other things. While our phones have got a toggle switch to turn off the sound it has nothing of that sort related to the microphone on the phone.

One would say, why would someone need to turn off the mic on the phone other than the calls for which we have already got that functionality in the phone dialer. Well, there are times when you would like to disable the phone mic so that no sound gets recorded like say you are recording some video using the camera and don’t want to record any sound, you have not got anything to mute the mic in that case. Continue reading “Mute Mic Lets you Mute Microphone on your Android Device”

Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep

I don’t know how many of you are like this but I do like to listen to music every night before going to sleep. Sometime its either on my laptop and other times its on my phone. Listening to my favorite songs before going to sleep help me lighten up the mood and also helps in sound sleep but we need to take care of shutting the app or the laptop down before going to sleep.

If you are someone who also likes to listen to music on your phone then here is something that might come useful to you. This app is called as Super Simple Sleep Timer and as you can make out from the name of the app, it’s a simple music sleep timer app that helps in turning down the music app on your phone after the set time (just like there used to be a timer off button on our TV sets). Continue reading “Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep”

Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze

Who doesn’t like new and more features and that too in a single app? Well these days, we have lots of apps available however each is made to serve a single sole purpose. If we take the example of Skype, it is mostly used to video and voice calls over internet and on the other hand if we take example of WhatsApp, it is mostly used for communicating with our friends over texts.

What if you need to browse web at the same time? You will have to go to a web browser app and launch it to access the features. Similarly although WhatsApp is very popular but it still can’t be used for voice or video calling. Here is an app based on similar lines of WhatsApp but incorporates more functionality like that of Skype, a web browser and news feeds. Continue reading “Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze”

Automatically Send Preset Texts to your Girlfriend with BroApp

So you are committed to your girlfriend and couldn’t spare some time hanging out with your guy buddies? Well this is something very common, and if you have always wanted to spend some time with your “Bros” sipping on a drink while being tension free of your relationship, here is something I have for you.

If you have an Android phone, then here is a small yet smart app called as BroApp that is designed especially for guys like you who would like to take some time out with their Bros while still be in touch with their girlfriends. BroApp is your clever relationship wingman. It automatically messages your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the Bros. Continue reading “Automatically Send Preset Texts to your Girlfriend with BroApp”

Auto Change your Android PIN to Current Time using TimePIN

Keeping our phone protected from spying eyes is very important and mostly because our phone is not only a calling device rather it keeps lot of personal information about us like our texts, photos, contacts and documents etc. Thus it is the need of everyone to keep it PIN protected.

While there are few other security measures that one can take like pattern unlock, or face detection but PIN is the simplest of all and most supported too. Here is an app (for Android devices) that can enhance the ability of your phone from just entering the same PIN again and again. Continue reading “Auto Change your Android PIN to Current Time using TimePIN”

Track and Manage your Caffeine Consumption in a Day

Most of us like drinking Coffee, don’t we? For some it’s not about the taste, rather it’s the job that makes them drinking and keep awake. Being an IT engineer myself, I have also developed the habit of drinking coffee regularly and taking the regular coffee breaks. So if you are also someone who likes drinking coffee in some or the other ways, then this post should help you.

Whether it is a regular coffee, espresso, mocha or may be a Tea, it is always a good idea to track how much caffeine you are consuming daily (as you know consuming much caffeine regularly is not good for health). You can do this either manually by memorizing, making a note of it somewhere or may be let this app do it for you. Continue reading “Track and Manage your Caffeine Consumption in a Day”

Convert Audio and Video Files to any Format right on your Android Phone

For all the people out there who love to watch videos or listen to songs a lot, this post should prove to be quite helpful. Well, if you are entertainment lover then you know there are lot many audio and video formats that it sometimes become very irritating to find out that the file we have with us is not supported by our media player.

There are two options available as a solution to this problem, one that you install some media player that can play any codec (which is sort of impractical, seeing huge number of codecs present today) or install some converter that can convert a media from one format to another with ease. Continue reading “Convert Audio and Video Files to any Format right on your Android Phone”

Android vs Apple: A Comparison

It’s one of the greatest, most gladiatorial technology struggles of our time. A war of attrition between a cheeky cyborg, that knows all about that embarrassing illness you just searched for the symptoms of and a sleek super brand. A spaghetti western duel between two of the most fearsome gunslingers in computing.

In 2013, anyone with even a passing interest in technology already owns or is thinking about buying a smart phone and with the frankly well-deserved demise of BlackBerry now at an advanced stage, Apple and Android stand as the two key smart phone operating systems on the market. Continue reading “Android vs Apple: A Comparison”

Cover app for Android lets you Access right Apps at the Right Time

Whenever your phone screen is locked then you can’t use the apps before unlocking it. So in case you need to access any app instantly, you will have to go through the big process of unlocking the phone, finding the app and then starting it. However with the firmware 4.2 on Android, you have the option of placing the most used apps right on the lock screen so that you can run the apps without having to unlock the screen first.

Well there are many lockscreen replacement apps available for Android but today we are reviewing one such app called as Cover which is better than the rest. What Cover does is, it places the right apps on the lockscreen at the right time by learning your location and time so that you don’t have to unlock the screen to use that app. This way, you will have more options of the apps on your lock screen. Continue reading “Cover app for Android lets you Access right Apps at the Right Time”

Monitor and Control your PC remotely from your Smartphone while Gaming

This goes for all the hard core gamers out there who like to play games on their computers. The last thing any gamer want while playing games, is the disturbance which can be from someone outside or from the computer apps. How does it feel when there is some facebook message, or twitter update on your desktop when you are playing? It doesn’t feel nice when your system starts lagging due to maximum usage of the RAM and you have to quit the game to control the task manager. What if someone asks you to lower the volume of the audio being played in the background; you will again have to quit playing.

Here is a simple app that can completely monitor and control your computer remotely using your smartphone whether iPhone or Android without having you to quit playing and taking a break. Moreover the app is completely free to use. Continue reading “Monitor and Control your PC remotely from your Smartphone while Gaming”

Protect your Android Phone with Malwarebytes Anti Malware App

With new and new malware being reported regularly, our tech gadgets are not safe. While computers used to be the primary target of every attacker, nowadays we can see rising attacks on the mobile phones too. So if you are someone who installs apps from untrusted source or uses internet a lot on your device, then you should definitely consider installing an AntiVirus or Anti Malware app on your phone.

There are lot many antivirus apps available for download for the phones; I have been using AVG for myself too. Here is one more which has been developed by the famous Malwarebytes (developers of the famous mbam tool for the computers). They have come up with an Anti Malware app for your phone too to protect your device from the malicious attacks. Continue reading “Protect your Android Phone with Malwarebytes Anti Malware App”

List all your Android Apps in a Click with List My Apps

It is a common situation that I am sure you must have come across, when you meet someone who is new to Android world. People, who are either new to Android or someone new to you, might ask you which all apps you have installed in your phone. What would you do in that situation? Wouldn’t it be better if there was something that can help us in letting know the apps installed in our phone rather than counting and making a list of all of them manually thereby consuming much time?

Well here is an Android app just for this purpose of creating a list of all the Android apps; you have in your phone within seconds and with just a touch of a button. The app is called as List My Apps and as the name suggests, it can lists all the apps installed in your phone by you over the time (and not the factory installed apps) so that you can know what all apps you are using. Continue reading “List all your Android Apps in a Click with List My Apps”