Make your Mobile Photos look as shot from a DSLR Camera

Photographers always like exploring new things and want to capture scenes as a piece of their work.  But it is hardly possible to have a camera with you all the time. However you have your mobile phone to capture new things but we always leave the idea of capturing the images from mobile phones. Why?

Mobile phones don’t provide the same picture quality as a DSLR camera does. Actually it is not the fault of your handheld device. You just need an app that will enrich the picture quality of your mobile phones.  AfterFocus is an app developed by MotionOne that can help you in making your mobile phone photos look like a DSLR one. Continue reading “Make your Mobile Photos look as shot from a DSLR Camera”

Disable Preinstalled Applications on your Android phone

All android phones are by default filled with applications. Actually because of this fact, these phones are called smartphones. Have you ever noticed that there are many applications that are pre-installed in your device, that are of no use? Those applications are just eating up your limited memory which makes your phone significantly slow. The company didn’t even provide option to uninstall these pre-installed apps.

To fix this problem you have to root your phone. Once you are through with the rooting procedure, get Titanium Backup that will help you to disable or uninstall these preinstalled apps. Usually Titanium Backup application is used to backup your phones but the pro version of this tool can do a lot more. Continue reading “Disable Preinstalled Applications on your Android phone”

Convert simple Images into Text Art on Android

Creativity helps to know the perception of people while software and different applications help you to enhance your creativity. For example, we use different software for making our images more meaningful. But have you ever thought of converting your photos into text art. So let us continue this article with taking this example as our base.

Though there are many applications in Google Play Store which allows you to edit your images but typographic art converters are still very less. WordCam is a new application that has been added to the play store and is one of the best additions for android users till date. The application allows you to convert your images into a work of typographic art using different font sizes and styles. Continue reading “Convert simple Images into Text Art on Android”

Convert videos into formats supported by Apple or Android Device

Those days of video cassettes (VHS) were taken over by CD’s, CD’s were taken over by DVD’s and now the DVD’s have been taken over by our handheld devices. All these handheld devices allow you to watch movies, play audio files, read documents and do a lot more stuff.

The difference in these handheld devices is of the formats that are supported. Audio file in most cases has the same format (mp3) but this is not the case about the video files. Some devices supports flv, 3gp, mp4 etc, so to convert your videos every time with different software to the format that is supported by your device is a hectic task. Continue reading “Convert videos into formats supported by Apple or Android Device”

Add striking effects to your mobile photos using Instagram

Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, and then share it on a variety of social networking services including Instagram’s own. This is a very popular iOS application. A distinctive feature confines photos into a square shape, in homage to both the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras.

Now this application is available for Android users also. By using this app you can transform any of your mobile pictures into a masterpiece of art by adding marvelous effects. It is a very good app which doesn’t require any expertise as required in Photoshop or other photo editing tool. Continue reading “Add striking effects to your mobile photos using Instagram”

Create Custom Clock Widget on your Android

Do you like creativity? Want to make your own Widgets for your Android phone? Then you are at the right place to unleash your creativity. This article will help you to create your own stunning Clock Widget for your Android phone. We are going to tell you about a tool which will help you to create your own analog or digital Clock Widget for your phone.

This free application is known as Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW). You may not only create an analog Clock but you can also add some additional information like temperature, battery status, weather info and more to your Clock Widget. Continue reading “Create Custom Clock Widget on your Android”

Google Maps showing 3D Landmarks

Google maps or the Navigator is the most amazing technique brought up in past 2-3 years. Mostly all the Smartphones have this technique installed. While having these applications whenever I go to a new place I never feel I am lost. It actually acts as a life saver at an unknown place.

Most of us are using this technique already. Google recently enhanced more than 1000 famous landmarks for the desktop users as well as for Smartphones. The purpose of these 3D landmarks is to help make them more recognizable and useful to folks visiting a country who rely on them to get around. Continue reading “Google Maps showing 3D Landmarks”

Use your iPhone/Android Device as Game Controller

Games take you to another world, gaming acts as a stress buster. But playing games with keyboard and mouse is an old idea. In today’s world of iDevices and android which are just like mini computers in pockets, allows you to leave this old idea of gaming and use these devices as a game controller.

Yes, an application known as Wanderplayer really fulfills this wish. However, the app is still in beta but it allows you to play 30 Different games on your Windows/Mac by using your android/iPhone. It relieves you from playing games by sitting in same position continuously. Your Smartphone will act as a handy remote control, which you can use in any position. Continue reading “Use your iPhone/Android Device as Game Controller”

Angry Bird Space Released by Rovio

Angry bird is the most amazing and the most downloaded game of the current time. Finally the day has arrived for which we all have been waiting for. The new version of Angry birds- Angry Birds Space is out and available for download on Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.

It was announced some days ago and the company officially released the trailers and teasers including the one featuring an actual NASA Astronaut on an actual space station. The new features of this game are: New power ups, new characters and 60 full new levels to play. Continue reading “Angry Bird Space Released by Rovio”

Use Android Ice Cream Sandwich On iPad 1 And 2

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Android and most of the tech freaks are eager to use it. The company provided an upgrade to all Android devices. And if you have jail broken device you can use this upgrade on your iPad 1 and 2. But mind it; if your iPad is not jail broken, this article is not worth reading.

You will also be requiring a PC to download this upgrade. Before you start upgrading your i-device you are advised to take the tiny precaution of saving the SHSH blob on your machine. In case any problem occurs you will be able to restore all our settings back on your device. Continue reading “Use Android Ice Cream Sandwich On iPad 1 And 2”

Create Collage on your Android Device

We all know that photographs are the only medium which keeps our feelings and emotions alive. The photographs remind us and help to recollect our past memories. If the photographs are arranged as a collage it is even more attractive.

So for all android users, here is an app which helps you to arrange your photographs as a collage. This app is known as KD Collage. It has plenty of attractive and elegant collage templates. By using this app you can create beautiful collage. It offers you amazing designs/patterns/frames each with a unique style and a specific number of photos that it can support. Continue reading “Create Collage on your Android Device”

Create GIF Images from your Videos on your Android

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format which supports 8 bits per pixel, supports animations and allows a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame. GIF is designed to allow users to define new blocks. You can convert a video in such a manner that your videos which are in MBs will convert into KBs. Wondering the relation between GIF images and movies? Read on.

If you share movies from your mobile it will use up all your bandwidth. If you have an Android phone, instead of sharing the whole movie, sharing it by converting it into GIFs is a much better option. A GIF file can be easily sent by phone in seconds and will not use much of your data bandwidth. In an Android phone you can convert a video/movie in animated GIFs by using app called GIFDroid. Continue reading “Create GIF Images from your Videos on your Android”