Hide Now Playing Music Info and Album Art from iPhone Lock Screen

When you are listening to some songs from your iPhone, it shows on your lock screen. Song details like singers, album art and other details are displayed on the lock screen. Although it is a useful feature to have all the information right on your home screen and without needing to click the songs, but it can be too revealing for people around you.

There might be occasions when you are listening to some music, which you might want to hide from others close to you. In that case, it can be done using an app called as Secret “Now Playing” which can be downloaded from the Cydia Big Boss repo on your jailbroken iPhone. Continue reading “Hide Now Playing Music Info and Album Art from iPhone Lock Screen”

Ever Noticed, Why iPhone or iPad has Display Time as 9:41 AM?

This is something I got to know and thought to share with all even though it’s not new and most of you might already know. So for all those who never noticed it, did you know iPhones and iPads have time displayed as 9:41 AM on the screen always?

If you go back to see old product launches or any product advertisement, you will now notice that Apple had purposefully showed the time on the devices like iPhone, iPad or even MAC as 9:41 AM. Every clock has time set as 10:10, then why Apple decided to set the time as 9:41? Well, there is a reason for it. Continue reading “Ever Noticed, Why iPhone or iPad has Display Time as 9:41 AM?”

Tiny On Screen Keyboard for your Apple Watch?

With the inventions of smart watches, there have been endless opportunities for researchers and developers to develop apps and software for it. If you thought smart watches like Apple Watch is too small to fit in a keyboard, we have some researchers thinking otherwise.

The researchers from Universitat Politècnica de València and the University of Stuttgart, have developed a tiny on-screen keyboard for the smart watches that can be used easily and should not be too bad to use. Some would say, it is best to have the interactive voice technology in the watch, so that you don’t have to type, just talk but still it’s not terrible to have the keyboard in the watch too. Continue reading “Tiny On Screen Keyboard for your Apple Watch?”

WiFi Map Pro lets you find Closest WiFi Hotspots with their Passwords

Who doesn’t love Free Wifi and that too if you are on a tour? To be connected to internet and to our close family, friends we need to have some sort of internet connection in our phone. It can be either your cellphone data or the Wifi.

While connecting to an open Wifi might not be safe as you can’t know who is collecting what data or not, connecting from cellphone data incur charges. But there are lots of open Wifi hotspots too these days like a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant and if you trust them there is nothing wrong in using the WiFi. Continue reading “WiFi Map Pro lets you find Closest WiFi Hotspots with their Passwords”

Dynamically Change your iOS Device Keyboard Color

As I always say, default apps and settings provided in our devices like phone or tablets are too basic and provide no customization which might look pretty boring to people over the time. Same goes with the iOS device keyboards. The default keyboard is very simple and can go really boring over the time.

Well if you have a jailbroken iPhone (to increase its functionality) here are couple of famous tweaks that you can install on your phone for better usage and look of the keyboard. Continue reading “Dynamically Change your iOS Device Keyboard Color”

Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze

Who doesn’t like new and more features and that too in a single app? Well these days, we have lots of apps available however each is made to serve a single sole purpose. If we take the example of Skype, it is mostly used to video and voice calls over internet and on the other hand if we take example of WhatsApp, it is mostly used for communicating with our friends over texts.

What if you need to browse web at the same time? You will have to go to a web browser app and launch it to access the features. Similarly although WhatsApp is very popular but it still can’t be used for voice or video calling. Here is an app based on similar lines of WhatsApp but incorporates more functionality like that of Skype, a web browser and news feeds. Continue reading “Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze”

Get Turn by Turn Directions on Apple Maps in Unsupported Countries

I remember the days when we used to go out and ask the people on the streets for the directions, but the time have changed and since the birth of GPS, the life is a lot simpler. All you need is a GPS device and you can go to any place near you even if you are unsure of the route and direction to take. Well that’s the beauty of it.

However, it is not the same for every country. We still have lot many countries where the GPS service is not properly functioning. Users also have the choice of using either Google Maps or Apple Maps for their direction. Although I personally prefer the Google maps for the live traffic updates and directions, some people still tend use the Apple maps may be because of its integration into the iPhone and the apps. Continue reading “Get Turn by Turn Directions on Apple Maps in Unsupported Countries”

Let your Phone Quit your Job for you

So we are back, I know we have not been able to publish some good articles for you guys for a long time as I was at home on vacation but we are back now and that too with some fun post for today.

In today’s world when it is easy to do anything just using your phone and the apps, like finding a match for you, finding a job for you or any other thing, then why not quitting a job? Yes for all those who are smart and have already found a change, speaking those two words “I Quit” can be dismal and sometimes need more courage.

Well, let your phone do the talking and that too in style. With this iOS app called as Quit your Job, it is no more difficult to change and go for what you have been looking forward in life. Using the app is very simple, you just need to select options out of the preloaded choices like “I’m sick of the corporate world”, “I want to get rich” or “I found a new job”. Now that you have selected the reason for your quit, you just need to provide the recipient of the text message who can be your boss or someone senior. Continue reading “Let your Phone Quit your Job for you”

Android vs Apple: A Comparison

It’s one of the greatest, most gladiatorial technology struggles of our time. A war of attrition between a cheeky cyborg, that knows all about that embarrassing illness you just searched for the symptoms of and a sleek super brand. A spaghetti western duel between two of the most fearsome gunslingers in computing.

In 2013, anyone with even a passing interest in technology already owns or is thinking about buying a smart phone and with the frankly well-deserved demise of BlackBerry now at an advanced stage, Apple and Android stand as the two key smart phone operating systems on the market. Continue reading “Android vs Apple: A Comparison”

Monitor and Control your PC remotely from your Smartphone while Gaming

This goes for all the hard core gamers out there who like to play games on their computers. The last thing any gamer want while playing games, is the disturbance which can be from someone outside or from the computer apps. How does it feel when there is some facebook message, or twitter update on your desktop when you are playing? It doesn’t feel nice when your system starts lagging due to maximum usage of the RAM and you have to quit the game to control the task manager. What if someone asks you to lower the volume of the audio being played in the background; you will again have to quit playing.

Here is a simple app that can completely monitor and control your computer remotely using your smartphone whether iPhone or Android without having you to quit playing and taking a break. Moreover the app is completely free to use. Continue reading “Monitor and Control your PC remotely from your Smartphone while Gaming”

Mobile Apps to Generate Temporary Random Mobile Numbers on the Go

Everyone has a mobile today and it is very important to keep our numbers and address private so that we can keep away from those bugging us. Whether it’s for a Craigslist ad, for a dating site or for a job search portal, you sometimes need a second number so that you can hide your original number and maintain your privacy.

Now it is not possible to get a new number everytime, there are certain services that can generate mobile numbers for you, we are discussing two of those today. The biggest advantage of using these services is that you can get them in your phone and generate a number anytime and anywhere. Continue reading “Mobile Apps to Generate Temporary Random Mobile Numbers on the Go”