Download iPhone Camera Zoom Application

Zoom in iPhone’s camera was the only thing that I missed in it until I realized there is a cracked app that can add zoom feature in the iPhone.

The app is really great and allows the user to click a pic with the added zoom feature in iPhone camera. Since it was not possible for the iPhone to add Optical Zoom without any lens modifications therefore the app given below is able to add only Digital zoom in the phone.

The iPhone zoom application is known as Snapture and works great. The app is Continue reading “Download iPhone Camera Zoom Application”

Copy iTalk Recordings from iPhone to Computer

iTalk is a good iPhone application to record sounds and store them in memory. It stores all the sound recorded by you in the .aif format.

iTalk requires another software to transfer audio recordings to the PC with Wifi but here is a method with which you can save the recordings from iPhone to computer easily (if you have another sound recording app then also you can transfer the files). Continue reading “Copy iTalk Recordings from iPhone to Computer”

How to Copy Cycorder Videos from iPhone to Computer without Wifi

Though iPhone doesn’t support video recording capability on its own but there is an app available in Cydia called Cycorder that can provide iPhone with video recording capability.

Now this is a major problem for all those people like me who doesn’t have a Wifi connectivity at home but wanted to take the backup of their Cycorder recorded videos. However we can easily transfer our cycorder videos from iPhone to PC without the need of Wifi or WinSCP tool.

I have many videos recorded from Cycorder in my iPhone and using the following method I can save them using only the USB cable and that too without Wifi and iTunes.


1.    You just need to download and install iPhone file explorer software like iPhone Browser (latest version recommended) or DiskAid (other link).

2.    Connect the iPhone via USB cable and run the software.

3.    Now navigate to the folder var/mobile/Media/Videos. You will see all the videos there in .mov extension.

4.    Right click on it and choose save as to save the file.

Now you can share your cycorder shot videos with anyone. The advantage of this method is that the file is copied at a faster rate than using Wifi.

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Preview of iPhone 3.0 Software Update

On March 17, Apple unveiled details about iPhone OS 3.0 software and released the new iPhone Software Development Kit for developers. The update will be having more than 100 exciting features but you will have to wait till summer to get the new version.

Below are the major features of the new iPhone 3.0 software update:

•    iPhone will now be able to support cut, copy and paste that means you can copy text and pictures, then paste them in any application on the device. But if you want to undo paste then just shake the phone.

•    In-App purchasing: Developers will be able to charge the fee from within the application like for more levels of the game. Continue reading “Preview of iPhone 3.0 Software Update”

iPhone: Jump to the Home Screen from any Page

This is a great tip for all those users like me who like to download the newest of the apps. Needless to mention adding new and new apps to the phone creates the new pages on the phone.

I have around 8 pages on my iPhone and used to steer to the home screen or the first page by steering the page by the thumb until I realized that I can just jump on to the first page directly Continue reading “iPhone: Jump to the Home Screen from any Page”

iPhone: Use Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode Together

There are times when we need to enable the Airplane Mode in the iPhone such as if we move to areas where there is no signal reception then turning the Airplane Mode ON will surely help in preventing the battery from drying.

Literally, we turn our iPhone into iPod Touch by enabling the Airplane Mode. But it is known by very few people using iPhone that Continue reading “iPhone: Use Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode Together”

Solve Different Network Problem on iPhone

I bought a new iPhone 3G recently and like others I was a newbie to it. Since this was my first Apple gadget, I didn’t know much about it. It would interests you to know that iPhone is locked to the service provider and would work only on one network.

The only networks supporting iPhone here (New Delhi, India) are Vodafone and Airtel. So iPhone here should work with only these two networks here. But I was shocked to see the logo of Reliance (another network here) after I jailbreaked my phone and was activating it with iTunes. The following Continue reading “Solve Different Network Problem on iPhone”

Solution to iPhone Disconnects Automatically on Sync Problem

I got an iPhone for myself some days back and I started facing problems linked to it. There were many of those but what I would like to share here with you is that there were times when I was syncing my iPhone with iTunes to transfer some songs, applications etc but it just disconnected from iTunes automatically after some time preventing my transfer.

The same problem was also faced by my friend whose iPhone disconnected automatically after it synced some applications. Well if you are also facing the same problem then try this solution and surely it will solve your problem. Continue reading “Solution to iPhone Disconnects Automatically on Sync Problem”

Songbird – iTunes with Web Browser

Irritated with iTunes’ limited capability to manage just audio and video without a Web Browser? Imagine combining Firefox, one of the most amazing web browsers with iTunes, a serious contender for the top slot when it comes to media players, into a single entity. Right, that is Songbird for you!

It was very troublesome on iTunes’ part of being void of a web browser. Well no more, you can easily surf the net while using all the capabilities of the iTunes, simultaneously. There are hell lots of things that you can do with this.

•    You can import your iTunes library and use your iPod with it.

•    It supports most of the media formats. Continue reading “Songbird – iTunes with Web Browser”

Convert .ppt to .mp4 for iPhone and iPod

It was the time of projects and presentations in my college and I was required to present my presentation but there was so much work with me that I had no time to revise. This was when I thought, a ppt to mp4 converter would have solved my problem and I would have revised the presentation on the go on my iPhone.

So here are the steps so that you can also convert your ppt files to mp4 videos so that you can view your presentations on the move on your iPhone, iPod or any device. Continue reading “Convert .ppt to .mp4 for iPhone and iPod”