Change iPhone’s Status Bar Color to any color using StatusColor

I had an iPhone for a long time and really liked it but keeping the same stuff for a long time always bores you up. We always require change and this is why I missed customization in iPhone, although it is possible to customize it but not everything. I always wanted to change the Status Bar color of iPhone from default black to some other color and keep changing to suit my moods but it wasn’t possible to do so.

Well not anymore, if you have a jailbroken iPhone then here is a Cydia app developed for this purpose called as StatusColor by RiDan (you might also find an app with the same name StatusColor app but you can distinguish by the name of the developer). Continue reading “Change iPhone’s Status Bar Color to any color using StatusColor”

Block Sports and TV Spoilers from Appearing in your Social Feeds with Spoiler Shield

If you are a sports lover or enjoy watching TV shows then I know how it feels if you already come across the spoilers before you are actually able to watch it for your own. Social medias are a place where are friends out of excitement posts the results and the plots of the shows but this comes very bad to those who have actually missed the show this time. If you are someone who would like to watch the game or the TV show on your own before someone tells you then what should you do, stop checking Facebook or Twitter?

Well the solution is in a form of this free app called as Spoiler Shield (however it is only available for the iOS at present and Android version is releasing soon). All you have to do to stay protected from your friends’ spoiler is to block the specific terms to block the spoilers using this app. Continue reading “Block Sports and TV Spoilers from Appearing in your Social Feeds with Spoiler Shield”

AutoDimWithoutLock: Automatically Dim your iPhone after some time without Screen Lock

Although these days our smart phones come with powerful battery to power the device for a long period of time but still most of us are not pleased with their performance. While it also depends on the usage, the fact is that the most of the battery is consumed by your phone display. So that means you should try to minimize the display usage but this does not mean you should always lock your device to save the battery because if your phone has a password lock, then you will be irritated unlocking your device every time.

Here comes the feature of Screen Dimming useful, if your phone has an automatic screen dimmer then you will definitely save more battery. Samsung Galaxy phones have this beautiful feature in built, in which it automatically detects whenever the phone is not in use, it dims the screen. Continue reading “AutoDimWithoutLock: Automatically Dim your iPhone after some time without Screen Lock”

Shoot Slow-Motion Videos like iPhone 5S on your old iPhone

The new released iPhones 5S and 5C are really making news these days and especially the iPhone 5S. Moreover it’s the Gold color iPhone 5S that is in great demand. There are lot many new features in the new iPhone this time and one of those is the ability to record the videos in really slow motion, at 120fps to be exact. So that means when you shoot a video in this high speed but play back at 30 fps, the video is really in slow-mo.

But if you already have an iPhone, you don’t need to buy the new iPhone 5S just to enjoy this slow-mo video recording. Here is an app for that called as SloPro, which will enable you to record the videos and edit them to slow-mo. Read the tutorial below to understand how. Continue reading “Shoot Slow-Motion Videos like iPhone 5S on your old iPhone”

Get a Reminder message every time you Unlock your iPhone

We all are so busy in our daily life and work activities that we tend to forget some items and other less important work. What I have been doing to overcome this situation is to write a note of every item that needs my attention and keep checking it regularly but this is surely not a solution I would want. Had there been a simple solution like someone or some app reminding me again and again, I would have loved it.

Well if you are an iPhone user then you can make use of the following app called as Remind Me. As the name of the app suggests, it is a reminder app for your jailbroken iPhone that will help you in remembering the stuffs and will constantly remind you of some item that needs your attention. There are other reminder apps too then why this app, because it reminds you every time you unlock your iPhone with a blue pop up box which has to be manually closed thereby making sure that you read it each time. Continue reading “Get a Reminder message every time you Unlock your iPhone”

Get Golden Lightning USB Cable for your Golden iPhone 5S

Most of us are aware of the new iPhones launched by Apple recently. Well this time iPhone had really good improvements and was no disappointment. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S which are the two iPhones launched by Apple are currently on Pre-Order these days. There are lot of features that are introduced by Apple in these devices, some of those which I like are the finger scan unlock, dual color flash and gold color etc.

Yes this time the iPhone 5S is being offered in more than the usual two colors, Black, White and the Gold. Continue reading “Get Golden Lightning USB Cable for your Golden iPhone 5S”

Remotely Control your PC with your Phone or iPad for Free

There are times when you need to control and access your computer at home or in office remotely but how can you do that? Well there are many tools for that purpose, some are free and others not but TeamViewer is one of the famous tools that you can use for this purpose and moreover it comes free of cost.

While it is very easy to control a computer remotely from another using the same tool, it is really helpful if we get to control our machine from our phone or iPad. TeamViewer has solution for this too, you just need to download the app for this purpose and install in the phone. Continue reading “Remotely Control your PC with your Phone or iPad for Free”

Watch Videos in Floating Popup Window on iPhone with VideoPane

After using iPhone for long time now, I have switched to Android and I must say each platform have their advantages and experience. Among the many other features that I liked in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the ability to play a video in a Pop up Window while working on some other app and tasks in the background was one feature that I liked the most.

This allows us to not to pause or stop the playback of the video we are watching even if we are required to respond to a text message or perform some other work. What we just need to do is just pop out the video in a separate floating window and let it run in the foreground. Continue reading “Watch Videos in Floating Popup Window on iPhone with VideoPane”

Replace iPhone Slide to Unlock with NES Game Controller Lock

We all know that the slide to unlock feature in the mobile phones today was introduced by the Apple in their devices and since then it had become so common that one would like to change the unlock pattern to something else. There are apps and some customizations available for this but what we are talking today is something different.

This is more related to the gamers out there, and for all those who miss the old NES games that we used to play in our childhood. Well there are apps available for those games too but here we are talking about the NES game controller lock for your iOS devices. Continue reading “Replace iPhone Slide to Unlock with NES Game Controller Lock”

WhatsAtor: Send WhatsApp Messages from any screen on iPhone

WhatsApp is one of the most used texting apps these days, the popularity of which is increasing everyday. Users can not only send texts, photos, videos but now they can also send audio files as texts and that too without any charge. The users using WhatsApp, however, need to use their data for this purpose. The other major advantage of using WhatsApp is that it is compatible on all phone OS available today, so whether it is iOS, Android, Blackberry or Nokia, people can use the app.

Well if you are using WhatsApp on your iPhone then here is some app that will help you. The app is called as WhatsAtor and can be used to send WhatsApp messages from anywhere on your iPhone. In simple words, you don’t need to locate the WhatsApp icon and click it to start it, just use this method to compose your message from any screen on your iPhone and this works in other app too (say you are using some other app, then you don’t need to exit that app to use the WhatsApp). Continue reading “WhatsAtor: Send WhatsApp Messages from any screen on iPhone”

Generate Self-Destructing Encrypted Photos for Sharing on Facebook

With so many social networking sites today, our privacy is very important and we should ensure only the required people are able to see our private information and not everyone else. There might be times when you wished that only someone in your friends list in Facebook see your uploaded photos and not others, well you can share the album with that person only but you won’t be sure enough if they won’t share it further.

Here is a simple iOS app that can actually help with this by encrypting your photos and also making them self destructible so that only the person you wish can see it and that too only for the time specified by you. The app is called as and is only available for iOS users. Continue reading “Generate Self-Destructing Encrypted Photos for Sharing on Facebook”

PocketNotify: Check your iPhone for Notifications without taking out of Pocket

With so many applications on our phone like Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger and email services, it is likely that we get a notification every now and then. I tend to receive lot of notifications frequently but since I have an Android phone with a LED blinker I can know if I have one or not. Whereas iPhone on the other hand don’t have such notification LED, so in case you missed a notification you would have to manually check if you have it or not.

Here is an app called as PocketNotify using which you can find out if your iPhone have a notification or not and that too without even taking out of pocket. With this app you don’t need to keep checking the phone every now and then to see if you have missed a notification or not. Continue reading “PocketNotify: Check your iPhone for Notifications without taking out of Pocket”