Find all the Expired and to be Deleted Domain Names

Website Address or also known as the Domain names are usually registered by the owners for a longer period of time ranging from 1 year to several years. It may happen that one website name is liked by many people but since the names have to unique and only one person can get it for registration, the first one to book it gets to own it. Now we don’t know how long the person wish to keep it with him and since there is always a chance of placing a back order so that if it gets free we get to own it, we should know when our favorite domain names are deleting.

There are lots of domains on the worldwide web and thousands of them are deleting everyday. You must be knowing the fact that when a domain is deleted it is eligible to be registered again, what if there is one that you wish to register which is going to be deleted soon? Well if you are a blogger then you would like to keep an eye of which all domains are deleting everyday and which all are available for registration. Continue reading “Find all the Expired and to be Deleted Domain Names”

How to keep Ctrl or any Key Pressed

For all those hard or I should say long working people, there are occasions when you want to keep any key pressed. One of our readers was also wanted to know some way or a tool that can keep the Ctrl key pressed (for the work that he does, he requires the button to be pressed).

So if this is the same case with you, you can also have your Ctrl key or any other key pressed. Well there are few ways of doing this like applying a tape, keeping something on it and other things 🙂 but there is one other and simpler way too that will also do the same work without affecting your keyboard. Continue reading “How to keep Ctrl or any Key Pressed”

Kill Processes Quickly and Easily with Task ForceQuit Pro

Our computer run lots of processes at the same time, and sometimes when one of the applications hang, we got no solution but to kill or terminate the process from the Windows default Task Manager. While for advanced users the task manager is simple to use, for the beginners it is somewhat difficult to understand and hard to operate.

Here is a simple tool called Task ForceQuit Pro that works in a similar way, the only difference being that it is way easier and quicker to operate and use. When you use this tool you will find all the processes running listed below one another with an image making it easier to find the process to terminate. Continue reading “Kill Processes Quickly and Easily with Task ForceQuit Pro”

Monitor and Record Incoming and Outgoing Emails

Whether you are an employer or parent, there are occasions when you would want to monitor the emails being sent outside from your network. It is a common sight at the offices that the employers want to monitor and record what emails are being sent by their employees to their personal email IDs, as they can upload and send any document breaching the security.

Similar is the case with the parents, as they would like to keep a watch on their kids at home. So whatever are your needs, it is sometimes important to keep a tab on the emails being sent outside your network.This can be done easily using this free tool called SurveilStar Activity Monitor which is free web activity monitoring software that does lot of work as follows: Continue reading “Monitor and Record Incoming and Outgoing Emails”

Terminate Unnecessary Processes in a Single Click

We have lot many processes running in the background, some of them are really important and required by the system whereas most of them are not that important and can be shut down in case of need. It becomes really bad when we open some files in the system for working, but the system becomes sluggish.

Likewise is a situation, when we wish to play some games in the computer but the system memory doesn’t allow us. One way to make the system fast and free some memory is by terminating the useless processes running in background but that had to be done manually which is a big turn off. Continue reading “Terminate Unnecessary Processes in a Single Click”

Free online PDF Password and Restrictions Remover

When you deal with some confidential documents you tend to have some pdf files generated for this purpose because of the advantage of editing not possible and also because we can have it securer than other documents.

Recently, it was when I was dealing with my salary documents that I figured this issue that my pdf files were password protected. This was fine to me until I needed to share them with someone, the issue being, I couldn’t tell them my password.

Thus if you also want to share your encrypted pdf files with someone but don’t want to tell them the password then the best solution is to remove the password using a password remover and share it. There are lot of PDF password remover available online but all of them are shareware that means, you can only use the free versions for some time as a trial. Continue reading “Free online PDF Password and Restrictions Remover”

What is System Idle Process and why is it using 99% CPU

You must have come across, some time or later about this process running in your system called System Idle Process. Anyone who had used Windows XP must be knowing about it but recently I was asked by one of our readers who wanted to know about this process and why it is consuming so much CPU memory when other applications are hardly able to run.

So in case you also wish to find more about it, here are the details:

What is System Idle Process?

Geek definition: Every computer have a scheduler whose job is to schedule the jobs given to the system but here is one rule that it should follow, which is that Continue reading “What is System Idle Process and why is it using 99% CPU”

How to Kill a Process when Task Manager is unable to Terminate

If you have been using a Windows system then you must have come across this situation some or the other time, that you have non-responsive process that needs to be terminated. Recently I had this program which wasn’t responding so I was required to terminate this process.

To terminate a process I opened the Task Manager but to my surprise I found that my Windows Task Manager was unable to terminate the process and showed this error message “Unable to terminate Process: the operation could not be completed” Continue reading “How to Kill a Process when Task Manager is unable to Terminate”

Reason why two Explorer.exe Processes are Running

I have seen, sometimes, that there are two explorer.exe processes are running in our task manager. I never thought about it, but why there are two explorer processes running when there is only one explorer working?

Common sense might suggest the infection of computer virus but it is not always true. In my current system there is one explorer process running in background but in case yours have two running then here are details on why they are running. Continue reading “Reason why two Explorer.exe Processes are Running”

Hide any Application Window from displaying

There are occasions when we want a program to run in the background without gaining any attention of the other users but keeping it protected from everyone is difficult. Say you are downloading something from the internet but don’t want to keep it visible to everyone, then also you can hide it from displaying.

The tool is called Hide-It, and as the name suggests, it hides the program window from showing up and also hides it from the taskbar so the icon that showed has now disappeared along with the application. Continue reading “Hide any Application Window from displaying”

Process Monitor: Advance Process Monitoring tool

The default Task Manager in Windows provides us with the list of the processes running in the background with not much information. Though it tells us about the memory consumed by a process, but the info provided is not sufficient.

What if you want to set a trigger on some process so that when it runs the next you get an alert displaying the same, not possible with the default Task Manager. Here is another Task Manager replacement tool or simply called the Advanced Process Monitoring tool called Process Monitor. Continue reading “Process Monitor: Advance Process Monitoring tool”

Restart any Process automatically on Exit

It, sometimes, happen that we want a process to keep on running in our system always/for some time like some update process or torrent client for downloading stuffs. We would not want the processes related to these tools to terminate right? But it can happen sometimes, that a process can get terminated on its own.

There is a solution to track this, it would be better if some tool can track for the processes and let us know if it goes or just start it on its own. Here is a one called ReStartMe and as the name suggests, this tool will restart the process automatically in case any process exits. Continue reading “Restart any Process automatically on Exit”