Find if someone has Blocked you in Gtalk

Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger are quite popular these days for chatting and it often happens that we may end up disturbing one of our friends who will be forced to block us. If you want to know “How to unblock a friend in Gtalk” then read this post of mine.

Checking if someone has blocked us in Gtalk or not is easy and this can be done by using a utility known as Pidgin. Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. It works with hell lot of applications Continue reading “Find if someone has Blocked you in Gtalk”

Clear History from Start Menu’s Run Command

We often use Run command to either run a process or launch an application but what Run command does is that it saves the command last used by us. When we use the Run command next time either by clicking Run from Start Menu or by pressing Windows key + R, we see the last command typed and used by us in the Run.

So it can be very annoying to see the last used command and the important thing is that it can’t even be erased by deleting cookies and other stuffs. So if you want to clear the history of commands used in the Run, then this fix is just for you.

1.    Open the Registry Editor that is type Regedit.exe in the Run command. Continue reading “Clear History from Start Menu’s Run Command”

Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus

Virus attack is common these days and we often come across the problems like Disabled Folder Options or like Task Manager and Regedit disabled by Administrator. These problems are nothing but virus activities. The virus has infected our system and stopping us from accessing these options.

Pressing keys Ctrl+Alt+Del opens up a dialog saying that “Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator” whereas you are the Administrator yourself. It becomes very annoying when you think that you can fix this problem by going into the Registry Editor but Continue reading “Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus”

Access Blocked Meebo, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger with Meebo Repeater

Everyone like chatting and the chat applications like Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk short for Google Talk are quite famous. These days many of us face the problem of Blocked Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and even Meebo at our schools, colleges and offices.

Meebo is a good option to access AIM, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk and MSN chat applications. Meebo is a web based instant messenger client that allows us to login to our Aim, Yahoo, MSN or Google instant messenger accounts Continue reading “Access Blocked Meebo, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger with Meebo Repeater”

Reveal or Recover XP Administrator Password using Ophcrack

Forgot Administrator password? Or is that you just wished to access the system with Admin privileges, you can break into the system without even feeling the need to change the password. If you want to reset the password, refer to my earlier post “Break or Reset Administrator password in XP”.

Knowing XP or even Vista’s Administrator password is easy and using this trick I was able to use my college’s computers with Admin rights even without changing the original set passwords 🙂

To reveal the original set password what all Continue reading “Reveal or Recover XP Administrator Password using Ophcrack”

Safest Way to remove any Virus

These days the count and the types of viruses have increased a lot and we often come across different kinds of them each day. While most people fear them, I just love them. Yes, you read it right, I have been handling different kinds of viruses for over a long time now and I don’t fear them.

So if you also fear them and don’t know the best way to remove them (let it be your pen drive or hard drive), here are the tips for “Removing the Virus”:

1. The first and the basic step is to scan the drive with your Anti Virus installed in the system. This will take out the most (if not all) of the viruses but there are a few that are still not detected by them.

2. Next go to Tools (in My Computer) -> Folder Options -> View Tab. Tick the option of “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck the option of “Hide protected operating system files”.

3. Now go and open the infected drive (if it is not Continue reading “Safest Way to remove any Virus”

Speed Up your Slow PC

Are you tired up of your old and slow computer and wish to make your system turn into a new one? Working on a new system is fun. We all wish to turn our system into something that we purchased few years back.

The new PC is quite fast and efficient to work with but with the passage of time it tends to get slower (luckily mine is working all fine). So if you are facing this common problem then have a look at the possible solutions to make your PC fast.

1.    RAM
This is the first thing that you should check, these days several heavy applications are built up so you need to have considerable amount of memory to handle these. These days, I prefer one should go for 2GB RAM.

2.    Get rid of files that are not used
Uninstall all the programs that are there in your system occupying space but are almost never used by you. This will not only free your space but will also clear the waste.

3.    Clean up your system
Delete all the temporary files and similar files. Go to Continue reading “Speed Up your Slow PC”

Convert .ppt to .avi

Tired of same Presentations? And want to make your boring PowerPoint Presentations turn into interesting videos in various formats (with some effects if you wish) then this is just for you.

I was just bored up with my presentations and wanted to convert them in a video format, so I came across a tool named “Presentation to Video Converter” which will not just let you convert your *.ppt but also other related formats like *.pptx, *.ppsx, and *.pps. Well it’s not all; you can convert your PPT files to any of the following video formats AVI, WMV, MPEG, ASF, VOB, MP4, SWF, Continue reading “Convert .ppt to .avi”

Access Blocked Sites

Whether you are a college student, office personnel or anything, if sites like Orkut, Gmail, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook or any other similar site is blocked then you can try following few tips (I am sure one of the tips will come useful for you depending upon the level of which the site is blocked).

The sites are blocked either by their names or by their content. Sites blocked by names are easy to open while those blocked by content are quite difficult to crack.

Here are the tips:

1.    This is the basic step, try suffixing ‘s’ after http: to make it ‘https:’. This will establish a secured connection though images will not be displayed in this but it’s good for viewing textual content.

2.    If the above step fails, try few proxy sites like, and other similar sites. What these sites do is they hide our IP from the server and enables us to access internet on our system. Even they didn’t let the server Continue reading “Access Blocked Sites”

Break or Reset Administrator password in XP

So if you have forgotten the password of your admin account in Windows XP or just want to break in the Admin account of your college or office, do not worry, you can easily do that. However, I recommend this trick only for your personal use. There are numerous ways available to do so but the best possible way is to use EBCD (Emergency Boot CD), download from here.


1.    After you have downloaded the EBCD, extract and run “makeebcd.exe” to create an iso image for burning on the disk.

2.    Set Bios to boot from the CD Drive and insert the CD created in above step. You will see the following image, type 5 to select NT password for editor (Linux-based).

3.    Then press Enter in the next step to proceed.

4.    Press Enter again if you don’t keep Windows on SCSI drive. Continue reading “Break or Reset Administrator password in XP”

Detect and Delete Keyloggers

These days we would hardly find a completely safe system with the discovery of new and new viruses, Trojans, keyloggers etc. Did I say Keyloggers? Yes, well the fact is Keyloggers are as much harmful as the viruses and Trojans are.

What are Keyloggers?

A Keylogger is an application that is made to record the keystrokes and store them in some file for later retrieval. Keylogger is completely hidden and keep on running in the background without any notification. They are a form of spyware and stores the keystrokes in a file in some Continue reading “Detect and Delete Keyloggers”

Create your own Virus

Is your computer completely virus free? If it is then you have really done a great job in maintaining it. So many different viruses have been produced over the years that even it is difficult for the Anti Viruses to detect and delete it.

There are many different kinds of viruses some self replicating and some not. Well, if you also like to create your own virus, you can easily do so. I am providing you with a C/C++ code implementing which you can take revenge from your enemy, play prank on your friends or just let it free among the other viruses in the world. And yes it will not harm you.

This is the code to create your own virus:

FILE *virus,*host;
int done,a=0;
unsigned long x; Continue reading “Create your own Virus”