Fix Samsung S6 Edge/Galaxy Phones Wifi Turning OFF and ON Automatically

I have this Samsung S6 Edge Plus phone that I like a lot but recently I came across this issue where my phone’s wifi kept turning off and on again and again automatically without me touching or clicking anything on the screen. That looked weird to me and I tried reaching out to the Samsung support to show that video and the problem but they replied their standard suggestion to factory format the phone which I didn’t want to.

So I did some research on the issue myself and then determined the cause of the problem and also the solution. Here is what you need to know. Continue reading “Fix Samsung S6 Edge/Galaxy Phones Wifi Turning OFF and ON Automatically”

How to Fix WordPress not Showing Most Recent Post on Homepage

I recently moved to a new hosting provider and did all the migration myself. From backups to installation entire process went smooth but this day when I came to know that my new post (also known as most recent post) isn’t showing up on the homepage of the blog. This was strange to me as when I opened the post from the link it displayed to me as normal. Continue reading “How to Fix WordPress not Showing Most Recent Post on Homepage”

How to Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working for Galaxy and Note Phones

Recently I got myself Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ which is a fantastic smartphone with a curved screen on both the sides. I love the phone and there is absolutely nothing in it which it can’t do when compared to any other phone in the current market.

To add to the features that I love in this phone, there is one feature of Adaptive Fast Charging which means when the battery goes down you can fast charge it to full in around 30-40 mins but if you compare this to other phones they would still take like 90 to 120 mins to completely charge. Continue reading “How to Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working for Galaxy and Note Phones”

Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome

Google Maps are my first choice to find out the route that I should take while travelling to some place or may be just to see what’s the current traffic situation is like. I use Google Maps on my desktop with Chrome at work, laptop at home and also my mobile phone which are all in sync with each other.

Everything was great until recently my Chrome browser at work stopped showing the route lines for some direction on Google Maps. It just displays the time taken for different routes but doesn’t display the route lines like it used to. Continue reading “Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome”

Info on Ransomware and How to Stay Protected

We have been writing about most of the malware to let you guys stay protected, but for those who don’t know, here is a malware that has been rising up significantly called as Ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that stops you from using your computer until you pay a certain amount of money (the ransom) to the creator of the malware. It is also called “FBI Moneypak” or the “FBI virus” as it often uses the FBI or local police logos and asks you to pay using Green Dot MoneyPak.

Malware in any form is bad and this one is even worse since it involves direct form of money. There are two types of ransomware: Continue reading “Info on Ransomware and How to Stay Protected”

Solution to OS Loader Missing Problem in Windows

Recently, one of our readers came across this problem in his laptop after due to power failure his laptop crashed suddenly. Now he is unable to load his computer as he every time he boots up he come across this message “Windows Checking for Errors” which displays the “OS Loader Missing” message. If you guys are also facing this issue on your Windows computer, then we have a solution for that.

Now as the message says, it is a clear case of missing or corrupt OS loader file in the Windows hive. To be able to solve this issue you don’t need to format the computer and re-install Windows, however you just need to replace the corrupt file from the genuine Windows disk. Continue reading “Solution to OS Loader Missing Problem in Windows”

Install Mbam on Malware Infected Systems where it is Blocked

Nobody likes when their system gets infected with some virus or a malware because of the problems it pose later on. On common thing that these infections do is that they prevent the further installation of any tool into the computer and if the tool is something like an Antivirus or an Anti-malware, then forget it.

I would always advise everyone to have a good Antivirus along with the Malwarebytes Anti Malware (Mbam) in their computers, so that if something happens you already have the right tools to fight them. Well, don’t worry if you didn’t have any anti malware installed in your machine, and are already attacked by some malware which is preventing the installation of Mbam in your system. Continue reading “Install Mbam on Malware Infected Systems where it is Blocked”

Solution to HTTP 500 Internal Sever Error

If you are some daily user of Internet who likes to visit different websites then you must have come across some websites where you have seen an error message like this “500 Internal Error”. This is a general error message that can be seen on any website and on any browser or the Operating System. Since each website uses their own customizations, this error might be termed as HTTP 500 Internal Error on some.

What is the cause of 500 Internal Server Error?

The error code is very general and is used to indicate that something wrong had gone with the website or the website’s server where it is hosted. So this error message simply means there is some error with the website and nothing wrong with your own system. Continue reading “Solution to HTTP 500 Internal Sever Error”

Solve Simple Volumes become inaccessible due to power loss shortly after creation

Disk Management which is the standard utility present in our computers is used for managing the hard drives and its space. This is a great and simple utility to use as it helps in easy creation, deletion or renaming of the disk partition.

But it was the following problem which one of our readers faced while creating a new partition. So if you are also unable to access a new volume that you just created and are seeing this error message then this post will help you. Continue reading “Solve Simple Volumes become inaccessible due to power loss shortly after creation”

Solution to Windows Delayed Write Failed Error

This is some strange problem faced by one of our readers as he was unable to save any data on his hard disk due to this error message that pops up which read as “Windows Delayed Write Failed”. Usually this problem does not occur even if your hard disk quite old or have bad sectors but you can still come across this alert message while dealing with huge volume of data which involves either single heavy file or large number of small files.

So if you are also seeing this message in your Windows system, then below are some steps that you can follow to solve this problem and fix your system. Continue reading “Solution to Windows Delayed Write Failed Error”