Fix the Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device error

This must have happened to each of us many times that when we click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the system tray to remove hardware, we get an error message saying “The device ‘Generic Volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later”.

The only reason for this problem is that the pen drive is still in use and some data is either being read from it or being written into it. That means some process is using the drive but we do not know what the processes are that are accessing the drive.

Steps to fix the problem:

1.    End the processes that are using the USB drive: Continue reading “Fix the Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device error”

Solve the Javascript:void(0); error problem

Some of our readers were facing this problem that sometimes when they try to click a link they see a javascript:void(0); code on the status bar of the browser and the link doesn’t work. We all must have faced this problem someday or the other as it is very common these days.

This problem is most common on Orkut and can be often seen when we try to scrap our friends and when we hovers our mouse over the “Post Scrap” button, this message comes on the Continue reading “Solve the Javascript:void(0); error problem”

Remove or avpo.exe virus easily is a virus whose name is such chosen that it keeps you confused. Actually Windows need a very important file called “” for its booting and running purposes, removal of which will crash the system. resembles this important file. This virus is also known as avpo.exe

This virus may cause several problems like:

•    Double clicking on a drive does not open.
•    Unable to see the hidden and system files.

Let’s fix the problem:

1.    Open Task Manager Continue reading “Remove or avpo.exe virus easily”

Double click on drive opens in new window

Are you screwed by the problem that when you Double click on some drive it opens in a new window? Then do not worry you can fix this problem manually in seconds.

First of all check if by mistake you haven’t ticked the option under General tab in Folder Options. If not it means that the problem is due to some virus activity.

Steps to fix the problem:

Solution 1

•    Open start menu and click Run. Continue reading “Double click on drive opens in new window”

How to set Current Music Track as status in Gtalk

Gtalk allows us to set and show the current music track that we are listening to at present. It is a good way to let the others know about our songs collection and also what we are doing at present. But if you are facing problem in displaying the Current Music Track and are going to re-install Gtalk then read this first.

Actually using this method you will be not only able to show the track, you will also be able to stop displaying the track. Gtalk links Continue reading “How to set Current Music Track as status in Gtalk”

Remove W32.Babelloh virus

W32.Babelloh is a worm that has affected many systems and can open backdoor port on infected computer allowing remote unauthorized access. This worm is capable of copying itself to other drives to infect them.

The worm creates following files that you must have seen:
•    %DriveLetter%:\RECYCLER
•    %DriveLetter%:\autorun.inf
•    %DriveLetter%:\RECYCLER\desktop.exe
•    %DriveLetter%:\RECYCLER\desktop.ini
•     %SystemDrive%\spoolsv32.exe
•     %SystemDrive%\wmiprvse.exe

Steps to remove W32.Babelloh worm:
1.    Disable System Restore for a while. To do that right click on My Computer, click on Properties and go to System Restore tab and tick the option saying “Turn off system restore”.

2.    Update the Anti Virus definitions for the best removal.

3.    Scan the system with the Anti Virus. Continue reading “Remove W32.Babelloh virus”

Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily

Now that we know the difference between virus, worm and Trojan lets get on the work to detect and remove some common viruses. This tutorial will help you remove the Newfolder.exe virus from your computer and let it breath free.

Removal through Tool:

Run the following tool in safe mode and the virus cleaned in seconds, yes it is that easy.

Download Tool

Manual removal:

1.    Find out all the locations of the “newfolder.exe” virus.
2.    Open the task manager and end the newfolder.exe process running in background. Continue reading “Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily”

Remove and Clean Brontok Virus

Our dear systems are much prone to the virus attacks and the most common virus that has infected the most PCs is the worm Win32.Brontok.A@mm. Brontok virus can be most destructive and of course disables our Folder Option, Task Manager and Registry Editor.

If you want to know “How to enable Folder Option, Task Manager and Registry Editor disabled by virus” then read this post of mine. Brontok virus is from Indonesia and shows some error message at start up. Continue reading “Remove and Clean Brontok Virus”

Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus

Virus attack is common these days and we often come across the problems like Disabled Folder Options or like Task Manager and Regedit disabled by Administrator. These problems are nothing but virus activities. The virus has infected our system and stopping us from accessing these options.

Pressing keys Ctrl+Alt+Del opens up a dialog saying that “Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator” whereas you are the Administrator yourself. It becomes very annoying when you think that you can fix this problem by going into the Registry Editor but Continue reading “Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus”

Double Click on Drive does not open

We all have experienced someday or the other, this problem of Windows XP in which when we double click on the drive it does not open or some dialog box opens up but not the drive. Yes, you know it right; the problem is caused by some virus activity and if you don’t know

how to open this, here is the fix (just make sure that the virus has been removed, else the problem will persist):

When the problem happens, it means that there is a file named “Autorun.inf” in the root drive, but you will not be able to view it as it is a system file. This file is rarely caught by the anti virus. This file makes sure to run the virus and infect your system. This is the file which is responsible to run Continue reading “Double Click on Drive does not open”