Steps to Remove Trojan.Agent Virus

Recently I was asked by one our readers whose computer was infected by this Virus called Trojan.Agent. This is a virus type that belongs to the Trojan virus family. The virus is mostly found in the svchost.exe file of the computer. It is a very potential virus and should be removed as soon as you detect it.

How to detect if your system has Trojan.Agent Virus?

• The weirdest thing that you will notice is that your Anti Virus would stop functioning. This virus has the ability to stop the AV from its proper functioning.
• Your system will get severely affected and would get extremely slow for no reasons.
• You might see some unexpected computer shutdowns or restarts.
• Then when if you scan your system with Mbam (highly advisable tool to have in the system), it will detect it and might delete it. But do note that Trojan.Agent virus might return back after the computer has been restarted.
• The virus can act as backdoor agent to many hackers to provide some confidential information. Continue reading “Steps to Remove Trojan.Agent Virus”

[What to Do] Text Disappears from WordPress Text Box in Single Post

This one goes for all the webmasters out there and especially for those who are using the WordPress as their blogging platform. WordPress is used by most people to power their blog and I am also using the same for mine.

I have been using it for a long time now and never came across this weird issue but it was about 2 weeks back when I started seeing this issue. Whenever I open a post for editing or a draft for updating, I don’t see any text in the text box. The text seems to be disappeared from the text box while the Title of the post was still there. Continue reading “[What to Do] Text Disappears from WordPress Text Box in Single Post”

[Solved] WhatsApp Keeps on Connecting on iPhone

The time since the famous WhatsApp application had been released for iPhone, I have been using it to stay in touch with all my friends and family. It surely is a great application that helps in chatting with each other while using the network data/wifi and avoiding the substantial SMS charges. Moreover the app allows us to send and receive photos and voice notes, which is very helpful.

But what I have been experiencing recently, with this app on my iPhone 3G is that it is never connecting to the network and just keeps on trying and trying. I also tried this on the WiFi network, and the result was the same, it just keeps connecting and reconnecting but never connects to the network as a result of which I am unable to use the app and send or receive texts. Continue reading “[Solved] WhatsApp Keeps on Connecting on iPhone”

Re-enable Services and Windows Features Disabled by Virus Instantly

If you have been working on a Windows machine for some time now, you must have come across many computer virus attacks till now. Also you might be knowing what the system status is, after each attack. There are many different kind of computer virus and malware, each having their own type of adverse effect on the computer. Even if you have successfully removed the virus from your system, your computer might be struggling.

Most of these viruses affects computer and disables many Windows programs like Folder Options, Registry Editor, cmd and other features. Even if you have removed the virus from your system, these features are disabled and need to be re-enabled back before they can be used again. But a normal computer user can’t re-enable them back as these involve complex registry operations, even there is no surety that it would get fixed. Continue reading “Re-enable Services and Windows Features Disabled by Virus Instantly”

Disable Allow this Webpage to Access your Clipboard Message in IE

To work on internet I mostly prefer a better browser than IE like Chrome or Firefox but it was yesterday when I was required to work from office I came across this message in IE (yeah my office computer has IE 🙁 ). This is a known pop-up but I wasn’t even aware of this as I never worked on IE until yesterday when I figured out the reason behind.

Actually, cache memory is a secure place where our all the copied data resides temporarily which can be used by us in future or by an app which wish to access the location. Thus starting IE 7, Microsoft had provided restricted access to the cache memory location so that the data copied by us to the clipboard can’t be used without our consent. Continue reading “Disable Allow this Webpage to Access your Clipboard Message in IE”

[Solved] Fix Windows is Not Genuine Message in Windows 7

We know how it feels when you are prompted by this “Windows is not Genuine” message every time you boot up your system. Though Windows is easily available today, not everyone wish to pay for this and thus uses the pirated copy of Windows OS.

Note: We do not encourage piracy and advise our viewers to use genuine software only.

Earlier we have also written about the “Windows Software Counterfeiting” problem and posted the solution using the RemoveWGA tool, which you can read here. “Windows is not genuine”, is a different problem than this and thus here is the solution below. Continue reading “[Solved] Fix Windows is Not Genuine Message in Windows 7”

Fix .Net Framework Issues with Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

Previously to fix .NET Framework issues, we were all dependent on third party applications as there was no official application available from Microsoft for such purposes. But recently a tool has been released by Microsoft in order to solve those issue related to installation of .NET framework on your computer. This tool has been named Microsoft .NET Framework Repair tool.

With this tool you will be able to perform all fixes for the issues related to the setup of or with updates to the Microsoft .NET Framework. This tool is also capable to repair corrupted Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installations. Microsoft has also added language packs of .NET Framework 4 in the setup. Continue reading “Fix .Net Framework Issues with Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool”

Solution to “This PC doesn’t meet system requirements” when Installing Windows 8 RP

Windows 8 Release Preview has been launched recently and most of the users want to upgrade their system to this OS in order to experience the new changes in the UI and the performance improvements. But recently some users, who were trying to upgrade their system from consumer preview, reported that they are getting a warning message.

The message that they got is a warning message which appeared at the time when they were trying to run Windows 8 RP setup (online installer) on their Computers. The message that appeared is: “This PC doesn’t meet system requirements. If you want to install Windows 8, you may have to upgrade some of the hardware in this Computer. Your PC’s CPU isn’t Compatible with Windows 8”. Continue reading “Solution to “This PC doesn’t meet system requirements” when Installing Windows 8 RP”

[Solved] iPhone Shows “This Accessory is Not Optimized for this iPhone” again and again

I have been using my iPhone 3G for over 3 years now and have seen lots of error messages and situations over the period of time. While I have seen all kind of iPhone problems till now and found a solution to each of them, this was altogether a different issue that I came across recently.

If you had used any accessory that is not designed to fit your iPhone then you might have come across this error message saying “This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone – you may experience noise caused by cellular interference and a decrease in cellular signal strength” as shown in the screenie below but what if you are facing this issue without any accessory connected? Continue reading “[Solved] iPhone Shows “This Accessory is Not Optimized for this iPhone” again and again”

Remove FLAMER Malware with Bit Defender

These days you must have come across words like Flamer, Flame or Flamy. Actually these words are not related to fire, these words are the actual name of the latest virus threat on internet. Most of the companies consider it as a malware. Though the malware has been discovered recently, but it is infecting systems since 2010.

This is one of the most sophisticated threats encountered on the Internet till day that had put many antivirus companies in trouble. If you compare this malware with other related malwares such as Stuxnet or so, you will find that the size of this malware is 20MB and that of Stuntex is 500KB which proves its complexity. Continue reading “Remove FLAMER Malware with Bit Defender”

Solution to Mouse Double Clicks when Single Clicked Problem

From last few days I have come across a strange thing on my PC that whenever I click on the mouse it gets double clicked on its own and opens the folder. For example if I single click on a program, then it opens that program as if I have double clicked on it. Though this is not a big issue but sometimes whenever I try to delete a folder or file, the file or the folder gets opened rather getting selected.

I thought maybe it would be my mistake, I rechecked it twice and thrice but the same problem persists. Then I thought maybe someone must have made changes in the speed of double clicking mouse pointer. So I reduced the double-click speed to the slowest level but the problem was still there. Continue reading “Solution to Mouse Double Clicks when Single Clicked Problem”

[Solved] iPhone 3G Showing Fully Charged Icon when it is not

Recently I came across this weird problem on my iPhone that while charging the battery with the same wire and charger that I used to, it showed the fully charged icon on top right corner when it was still empty and charging.

It was a strange issue as I have been using my iPhone for over 3 years now and charging it the same way but I faced this issue for the first time and in the first couple of minutes it showed the same. At the first instance I thought it to be a temporary problem but I was surprised to see the same the next day too. Continue reading “[Solved] iPhone 3G Showing Fully Charged Icon when it is not”