Improve PC Game Performance with Wise Game Booster

Games are one of the best ways to relax and spend some boring time when you have nothing much to do at home. I also like gaming, and thus can tell you how important it is to have a computer that run the games smoothly and without any lag. In case you are also a gamer, but can’t upgrade your PC right now, then this post will tell you how to optimize your computer so that you can have a lag free gaming experience.

A smooth gaming experience requires good computer configuration but not all of us can afford to have the system reconfigured every now and then. Hence it is important to make sure that our resources are free when we are playing the games. The problem here is that we can’t do that manually, thus it is better to use some game speedup tool. Continue reading “Improve PC Game Performance with Wise Game Booster”

Play Official Need for Speed World Online for Free

Out of all the computer games that I had played till date, NFS would be the one that I always liked playing. There have been many NFS games released so far, like NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, Underground, Shift, Hot Pursuit and now the World. It is not really easy for someone to play all of these games, one reason for which would be the insufficient computer configuration.

So if you are someone who really wish to play NFS and don’t have a good config computer, then you need not worry, you can directly play the game online and that too with your friends (multiplayer) or anonymously with other users. Continue reading “Play Official Need for Speed World Online for Free”

Microsoft to release 7-inch Xbox Gaming Tablet

It has been a world of tablets and phones recently. After the launch of iPad Mini, the tablet lovers are here to witness the launch of Microsoft’s gaming tablet called as Xbox Surface. It was believed that Microsoft is already working on to the development of this product; we should expect to see the product soon.

Xbox which is the gaming console from Microsoft is already doing well in the gaming console market however it was missing behind in the handheld gaming category. While other companies have their products already launched like Sony Playstation Vita or Nintendo GameBoy and tablets like iPad, Microsoft too wanted to enter this category of gaming. Continue reading “Microsoft to release 7-inch Xbox Gaming Tablet”

Play casino games on your iPhone for real money

For those who like to spend their free time gaming, Apple has revolutionized the way we enjoy all our favorite casino games, and we can now play on the move. Would you not like to play all the top gaming titles in the palm of your hand? Be able to enjoy any type of casino game even when you are on the move? We all love the features of the world’s favorite smart phone and now they can benefit us even more with online games that allow us to win real money.

The iTunes app store doesn’t offer you games that you can play for real money, all the games available there are purely just for fun and there is no chance of you winning anything in return. But, with the help of sites likeiphonecasino you can now play real money games on your iPhone. The real money games feature favorites like blackjack, poker and roulette, as well as the ever popular slots, and offer the same great jackpots as found online. The quality is exceptional and the games have been created by developers to be completely compatible with the Apple device. Continue reading “Play casino games on your iPhone for real money”

Get Angry Birds Space for Free on iOS Device

Previously we have discussed that the developers of Angry Birds game had released a new version of Angry Birds Space. This game brought new exciting feature for the Smartphone users but at the time of release, the users were required to pay something to get this version. After some time the company (Rovio) made the full version of this game for free for the android platform but the iOS users were left out and they didn’t get an opportunity to try this game for free.

I know that many users do not like to pay anything for such things, thus keeping this in mind now the company is ready to provide the iOS users with the first ten levels out of the full eighty levels of this game. Also it includes some free updates that will add more levels with time. Continue reading “Get Angry Birds Space for Free on iOS Device”

Play Angry Birds online on any Browser

Angry Birds is one of the most amazing games.  People of almost all age groups like playing this game. Even while I travel I find people sticking to there handheld devices and playing this game. Really it is a masterpiece. However, in the beginning it was available for Smartphone users then a flash version of this game had been introduced and now a web version of this game is also available.

It was only available to Chrome users in Chrome web store. But now you can play this web version on almost all modern browsers including Firefox, IE or Opera. You don’t have to install anything or download to play this game. If you are not a Chrome user, then also you will be able to get this game on your browser. Continue reading “Play Angry Birds online on any Browser”

Use your iPhone/Android Device as Game Controller

Games take you to another world, gaming acts as a stress buster. But playing games with keyboard and mouse is an old idea. In today’s world of iDevices and android which are just like mini computers in pockets, allows you to leave this old idea of gaming and use these devices as a game controller.

Yes, an application known as Wanderplayer really fulfills this wish. However, the app is still in beta but it allows you to play 30 Different games on your Windows/Mac by using your android/iPhone. It relieves you from playing games by sitting in same position continuously. Your Smartphone will act as a handy remote control, which you can use in any position. Continue reading “Use your iPhone/Android Device as Game Controller”

Angry Bird Space Released by Rovio

Angry bird is the most amazing and the most downloaded game of the current time. Finally the day has arrived for which we all have been waiting for. The new version of Angry birds- Angry Birds Space is out and available for download on Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.

It was announced some days ago and the company officially released the trailers and teasers including the one featuring an actual NASA Astronaut on an actual space station. The new features of this game are: New power ups, new characters and 60 full new levels to play. Continue reading “Angry Bird Space Released by Rovio”

Game Downloader for Windows

Every one like playing games, be the player is a child or an adult everyone play games. Games take you to the world of fascination; even some games feel so real that sometimes we tend to forget that we are playing it. Games surely act as a stress buster.

Everybody loves playing good games. Be it on the computer, on a tablet, on a smart phone or on a console; be it a quiet game played alone or an engaging multiplayer; be it a mind-challenging puzzle or a blazing first person shooter. Each one of us has our own tastes and we can’t deny this fact. Continue reading “Game Downloader for Windows”