Xbox or PS: Which one do you like the most?

Last time we asked you about your must have mobile app that you like to have in your mobile phone and seems like it is the dictionary app that is liked by many. I too have dictionary app installed on mine and also use it quite often.

This week we have something interesting for the gamers since it was the game week last week. While NFS had released the latest game The Run, Xbox is celebrating its 10 years of fun. So tell me, which one do you like the most, Playstation or the Xbox? Continue reading “Xbox or PS: Which one do you like the most?”

EA Sports Launches Need for Speed The Run

Are you a gaming fan? I am one, and I like playing many games on the computer (not on PS, I guess), like NFS and Counter Strike etc. Well if you are also one of the persons who have enjoyed all the series of the NFS till now, like the NFS Most Wanted, Underground, Carbon, Shift or Hot Pursuit then here is some really good news for you.

Electronic Arts or popularly known as EA sports, have officially released the latest entry to the NFS club yesterday with The Run. The latest game is called Need for Speed The Run, and the game is actually the run for your life. If you win, you are entitled to the huge amount of prize money but if you lose then you are dead. Continue reading “EA Sports Launches Need for Speed The Run”

Turn any Image into Jigsaw Puzzle with Firefox

Remember the old time when we used to play the jigsaw puzzle? Well you can still play this favourite game of yours on your system and that too with any of your favourite image used for puzzle.

Yes, you can convert any image, whether stored locally on your system or you came across online, into a puzzle simply by having an add-on installed for your Firefox browser. The add-on is called as Puzzle, and what it does is, it adds an entry in the context menu using which you can convert any image into a puzzle pieces and use it for playing. Continue reading “Turn any Image into Jigsaw Puzzle with Firefox”

Download Angry Birds Game for Chrome and Computer

Whether you like playing games or not, you must have heard about this popular game called Angry Birds. This game has become so popular that most of us have this installed on our mobile phones or the iPads. So if you don’t like to remain away from this game then you can install this on your computer as well as play on your Chrome browser too.

In case you missed what this game is all about, then here is a short summary. It all started when the green pigs stole the birds’ eggs which made the parent birds angry. So use the unique destructive power of the birds and crash in the castle build by the pigs. Take revenge and show the pigs what birds are capable of. Continue reading “Download Angry Birds Game for Chrome and Computer”

Improve PC Performance when Playing Games

Tired of the lagging game with your slow computer? Well if you have a slow system that gets really slow when you try to run a heavy game, then you should give a try to the some game boosters available. There are some game boosters and system boosters available in the market, here is the review of one of them.

The game booster I am mentioning about here is called as GBoost. GBoost is a free game boost application that actually frees up system resources so that you face no problems in running that heavy game. This improves the overall speed of your game including frame rate drops and lag spikes as well as alt tabbing out of games faster and generally more responsive gaming. Continue reading “Improve PC Performance when Playing Games”

Steps to Backup Playstation 3

Most of us like playing games on computers and gaming systems like Playstation and Xbox, so here is a tip for all the gaming lovers who can extract most out of their gaming systems. Sony Playstation is a great gaming device liked by many and capable of not only playing games but also watching high definition movies.

With your Playstation 3 you can watch Blu Ray movies and also use its important feature to backup. Well if you haven’t already tried backing up your Playstation as yet, this is the time to do it. Your Playstation contains many things that need to be backed up like game saves which is very important if you are amidst critical stage in a game. Continue reading “Steps to Backup Playstation 3”

Backup Games Save Files with SaveGameBackup

For each game having an option of saving the game while playing, there are some save files that are created. These files and folders contain the game save files which are nothing but your game saves. In case you are thinking to change to a new drive or format your system then this post will help you backup these easily.

To backup and preserve your game saves you need not backup manually. With the help of this tool called SaveGameBackup, you can easily backup your games save files and restore them after installing a new copy of it. SaveGameBackup is your savegame solution. Continue reading “Backup Games Save Files with SaveGameBackup”

Risks with Online Gaming

We all love gaming, don’t we and most of us like to play online games as well but there are lots of risks involved with online gaming also.  Phishing is most common in the online gaming world. Gamers are more likely to click on links to external sites that steal personal information as the links are sent by the fellow gamers.

Other common risks with Online Gaming:

•    Cybercriminals seed the pirated copies of the games and that too with the malwares. What they do is, they persist gamers to download some pirated copy of the game that is infected with the malicious .exe file that can steal usernames and passwords easily. Continue reading “Risks with Online Gaming”

AssaultCube: Multiplayer First Person Addictive Shooter Game

Its weekend today and this is why I was in no mood of work, in fact wanted to spend my day gaming so thought of sharing a cool game that I came across recently.

The game I am talking about is called AssaultCube. AssaultCube is a Free multiplayer first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine. If you like games like Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament then I am sure you will enjoy this game too. The game surroundings are real life and with fast, arcade gameplay, it’s fun and addictive. Continue reading “AssaultCube: Multiplayer First Person Addictive Shooter Game”

Convert JAR Files to EXE with JAR2EXE Converter

If you have Nokia cell phone then you must have come across the game files that are playable on your phone. Nokia supports Jar game files and these can be easily downloaded from the net.

But if you want to first try the game on the desktop and then install in the phone or just play on the computer itself then here is a small tool that can convert the .jar file into .exe so that the game can be played and installed on the computer itself. Continue reading “Convert JAR Files to EXE with JAR2EXE Converter”