Steps to Terminate Process or Full Screen Game when Hang

It may happen to any of us that in spite of having a good configuration and powerful PC our system may hang when we run an application or a full screen game. This happened to me when I was playing Counter Strike (I enjoy playing many other games as well) the game hanged, sound started looping and nothing was working.

I tried hitting several keys like Ctrl + Alt + Del, Alt + F4 and Windows button but nothing seemed going my way. I was left with no other option but to restart my PC using the cabinet power button. I am actually not in favor of this as the improper shutdown can corrupt our data and can cause many other problems.

So I have found a useful way to kill the process that it is worth sharing here. Continue reading “Steps to Terminate Process or Full Screen Game when Hang”

Steps to make or record Counter Strike Demos

Want to record your own demo? Yes you can easily record the demos of how you play; this can be much beneficial if you want to remove the problems and improve as a better player or just to show off your best shots after making a movie.

We can make the demo easily while playing and without using any software or application. The demos are recorded in .dem extensions and takes optimum space.


•    At the point you want to start recording your demo, bring up the console. Continue reading “Steps to make or record Counter Strike Demos”

Convert .dem to .avi

Gaming has become very popular today with new and new games releasing. So if you like playing Counter Strike very much (like I do) then this post is just for you. Wanted to have another look at the headshot u just had? You can easily convert your CS demos to videos for viewing and analyzing them later.

This has been tested by me and the videos are just great.

Step 1:
What you all need is just the software called “Video Mach” which you can download from here. The software is free and will continue to work absolutely fine even after the evaluation period.

Step 2:
Start CS and play the demo, now at the point when you wish Continue reading “Convert .dem to .avi”

Convert .vp6 to .avi

Vp6 is a popular format used by the EA Games with which they include various movies in the game, though we can only watch the movies while playing the games. It often happens (at least to me) that we wish to see those videos again and again but the only way to do that is to play that part of the game each time.

Yeah, I know how it feels as I also enjoy playing various games. Now it was when I wanted to have that little snippet from one of my favorite games NFS Most Wanted which pushed me to find out “how I can convert vp6 to avi”.

The best possible way available to convert it is by Continue reading “Convert .vp6 to .avi”